Swisscontact was established in 1959 as an independent foundation by notable figures from the worlds of commerce and science in Switzerland. It is exclusively involved in international development co-operation and has carried out its own and mandated projects since 1961.

Swisscontact Bangladesh has started a project aiming to create access to safe drinking water for the low-income communities in the industrial clusters of Bangladesh. The current project will on-board potential water technology providers who can carry out the activities across various regions in Bangladesh.

Position: Water Technology Provider (WTP)
Location: Tongi and Narayanganj
Duration: 15 October 2021 – 10 December 2021

Objective of the Assignment

The project is looking forward to on-board technology providers for establishing water enterprises with water ATM booth around the low-income communities in Tongi and Narayanganj. Water technology providers will be responsible for providing all sorts of technical assistance to the water entrepreneurs and setting up the water ATM booth as well.


  • Setting up the water enterprises with water ATM booth as per the business plan of the individual entrepreneur.
  • Considering the provision of multi-sourced raw water (i.e., rainwater, river, pond, or any other surface water etc. along with ground water) treatment in the water enterprises.
  • Developing a customized technical operations’ manual for the water entrepreneurs.

Required Qualitification and Eligibility Criteria

  • Water Technology Companies or light engineering workshops who have working experience in water treatment plant setup
  • The company must have a minimum 3-5 years of experience in working at the relevant field
  • Detail deliverables are listed in Annex-1 (Terms of Reference).

Submission Details:

Interested water technology providers should submit an expression of interest according to the prescribed format (see below) with their company profile and other required documents as mentioned above, on or before 23 October 2021 to the address mentioned below:

Samaun Bhuiyan
Sr. Officer, Procurement
Swisscontact Bangladesh
House 28, Road 43, Gulshan 2
Dhaka‐1212, Bangladesh

The subject line of the envelop must be marked with the title: “Onboarding Water Technology Providers”

Please find the detail ToR & prescribed formats in the following links: 

For more information please e-mail: samaun.bhuiyan@swisscontact.org