About WaterAid

WaterAid is a global organisation, working for over 30 years now in changing lives for the betterment in 34 countries around the world. We work to offer clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to underprivileged people globally, through convincing the governments to change laws, linking policy makers with people on the ground, pooling knowledge and resources, and rallying support from people and organisations from different corners of the world – altogether making lasting change happen on a massive scale.

Beginning its operations in Bangladesh in 1986, the organisation has till date collaborated with various local institutions in order to alleviate the sufferings from scarce water supply and low sanitation standards in poverty-plagued areas.

To know more, please visit: www.wateraid.org

About the RFP

Fascination around social media is soaring high at a phenomenal speed globally. Not only popular amongst the young generation, this buzzing media has grasped mid-aged and elderly people as well. With the scenario being no different here in Bangladesh, WaterAid would like to thus use the numerous social media platforms of millions of active users to spread knowledge and awareness of its work in an engaging and creative way, further strengthening its position digitally. For this, the organisation is looking to enlist a professional social media agency to support its social media accounts through innovative inputs and activations.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) and Terms of Reference (ToR) for this assignment can be downloaded from this link. For any clarification, please contact Samia Mallik through email at SamiaMallik@wateraid.org.

Submission of Proposal

Interested agencies are requested to submit a technical and a financial proposal through email at WaterAid-Tender-TA@wateraid.org following the guidelines in the RFP.

The deadline of proposal submission is 16 February 2020