Terms of Reference (ToR)
Conducting Project Impact Evaluation for Sarathi – Progress through Financial Inclusion


The RMG workers, despite their significant contribution to the national economy and global fashion industry, remain outside the purview of formal banking services with limited or no access to relevant, quality and affordable banking products and services

Sarathi – Progress through Financial Inclusion is a 36-month project (Jan 2018-Dec 2020), jointly funded by MetLife Foundation and Swisscontact. It is working with commercial banks and RMG factories in Bangladesh to bring RMG workers, especially women, within the sphere of formal banking services and to enable them to conduct financial transactions as account holders and clients. The project activities are directed to find market-based and scalable solutions that address underlying constraints such as:

  • Inadequate financial literacy
  • Lack of access to formal banking services
  • Inadequate commercially viable business solutions for banks to cater to their needs.

The project is currently in the last quarter of its intervention. The project results as of June 2020:

  • 66,000 RMG worker salary accounts have already been opened across 49 RMG factories through four partner commercial banks;
  • Sarathi has organized 225 literacy sessions for 16,950 RMG workers;
  • 49 partner RMG factories disburse RMG workers salary through bank accounts;
  • 64 Alternative Delivery Channels (ADCs) were made accessible to RMG workers.

Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this assignment is to assess the overall achievement of the project and quality of implementation as well as the overall impact of the project on project beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders. The purpose of the assignment is to find the following areas.

  • To conduct assessment of specific outcomes and indicators of Sarathi interventions. The impact assessment study report will be used as a measurement tool to assess the project successes and achievements against the log frame targets;
  • To find the impact of the project on the financial behaviour of the RMG workers within the project’s target group, their families and communities;
  • To draw lessons from the project’s intervention that can be taken to further develop the project;
  • Analysing the early sign of systemic change made by the project.

Submission Guideline

Interested bidders should send the technical and financial proposals as separate PDF copies by Tuesday, 06 October 2020 before 05:00 PM to the email address mentioned below:

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