Terms of References (ToR)
Developing capacity building packages on life skills development with IEC material for tea garden women workers in Bangladesh

Breaking the Silence is a non-profit, voluntary organization registered with the Department of Social Services (Registration No. 05037, 17 October 2000) and the Bureau of NGO Affairs. The organization is working to establish child rights, preventing all forms of child abuse specially child sexual abuse, child marriage, preventing violence against women, accelerating the process of child-friendly good governance, supporting to improving the quality of education at pre-primary and primary level. And also work as supporting partner in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, Breaking the Silence respond to any natural and social disaster in collaboration with the government and development partners. The organization has been conducting advocacy activities to spread good field learning at the national level.


A Joint Programme entitled “Enhancing social protection for female tea garden workers and their families in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh” has been implemented in Sylhet, Moulvibazar and Habiganj under Sylhet Division. The main outcome of the project is-  `Tea garden workers and their families, especially women, enjoy increased social protection and access to quality public services, notably health, as well as education and decent work, in a safer and more empowered environment by 2021.

To achieve the outcome one of the important expected output of the project is the tea garden workers, notably women workers, have increased capacity to negotiate and exercise collective voice to influence policies and hold the Government of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Tea Association accountable for enhanced integration of tea garden workers in the national social protection system. Project will create platform for the tea garden women and adolescent girl workers by forming women and adolescent groups. The women and adolescent girls of tea workers will receive life skills training during the project period. The training plan will include but not limited to transformative leadership skills, power structure in garden environment, local government structure and roles, gender equality, service provision in education and health facilities, social protection scheme. The capacity building initiatives of the project will enhance their negotiation skills to claim their rights to the garden management and local government authority with appropriate leadership skills. The capacity building package will contribute to enhance their negotiation skills and social empowerment.


The project is expecting to develop a comprehensive capacity building package module covering life skills, negotiation, communication, team building, leadership and gender. The issue and content will be identified through capacity building need assessment and different consultation with the women and adolescent tea garden workers and relevant stakeholders.

The consultant will analyse and finalize the findings of the need assessment and outline a draft training module  in consultation with project staff and project implantation committee. Pictorial methods will be included in the module taking the local context into account.

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Apply Procedure:

The proposal (duly signed) from firms or individual should comprises technical and financial proposal (along with following documents). Proposal will be accepted both in hard and soft copies through email by mentioning subject line ‘Develop capacity-building packages including life skills for tea grader women workers’ by 30th September 2020. The consultant /farm are also requested to submit a detailed financial proposal. 

Email to: jobs@breakingthesilencebd.org.

Address for hard copy: Executive Director, Breaking the Silence, 2/4, Block-G, Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.

Other Documents to be submitted:

  • For Individual Consultant
  • Maximum 2 pages CV of team leader highlighting related assignments completed with client name, contract person and mobile number (this person must have fulltime engagement during assignment time)
  • Other Team members’ one-page short CV highlighting related assignment completed
  • TIN Certificate ( PDF soft version) 
  • Relevant documents from previous assignment. 
  • Two current references
  • For  Organizations
  • Maximum 2 pages organization profile highlighting related assignments completed with client  name, contract person and mobile number
  • Lead Consultant’s ( who will lead the assignment) Maximum 2 pages CV highlighting related assignment completed, role in of the completed assignment 
  •  Other Team members’ ( who will involve in the assignment )  one paragraph short CV highlighting related assignment description of the roles and functions of the consultant and his/her associates, and a description of the level of effort of the associates (eg., full-time, part-time, as needed)
  • Organization’s/Firm’s Certificate, TIN and VAT registration
  • At least two Contracts of 2 organizations that have recently contracted the consultant to develop related documents.
  • Documents in favor of the previous relevant documents.
  • A complete separate technical and financial proposal, including detailed cost per major activity
  • Two current references name needed to be mentioned

Selection criteria (Cumulative analysis)

When using this weighted scoring method, the award of the contract should be made to the consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:
a) Responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
b) Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.
* Technical Criteria weight; [60%]
* Financial Criteria weight; [40%]