Request for Proposal for Country Needs Assessment (CNA)

Application Deadline: 19 February 2019

Social Action and Mobilization for Prevention of Radicalization and Extremism through Enhanced and Targeted Interventions (SAMPREETI) is a project of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) funded by GCERF (Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund). SAMPREETI seeks proposal from Bangladeshi national organisations, individuals, groups of experts or universities with demonstrated experience in PVE related research and analysis in Bangladesh for conducting a Country Needs Assessment (CNA) to inform GCERF-funded programming in Bangladesh. The specific objectives of the CNA are:

  • To assess the impact of Violent Extremism (VE), with emphasis on changes since July 2016;
  • To identify and analyse the drivers of recruitment and radicalisation to VE with emphasis  on changes since July 2016; and
  • To identify relevant existing regional/national/local strategies/policies to prevent VE, focusing on changes since July 2016
  • To learn lessons from the community level on resilience to VE (insights from the assessment)

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