Baseline Survey
Promoting Rights through Inclusion and Empowerment (PRiTIE) Project

Date: 22 September 2018

  1. Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST), a national non-governmental legal services organisation hereby solicits your bid for the above subject, in accordance with this document and the annex attached.
  2. This Request for proposal consists of this document and the Annexure - Terms of Reference – Baseline Survey under Promoting Rights through Inclusion and Empowerment (PRiTIE) Project.
  3. Consultants shall submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal, which shall be valid for 15 days from the deadline of submission of proposals.  The Technical Proposal shall demonstrate that the consultant will be able to meet the objectives of the TOR within the time frame stated.
  4. Rates or Prices of the Proposal shall be inclusive of VAT and Tax.
  5. Rates shall be quoted and, subsequent payments under this Agreement shall be made in BDT (Taka) currency. The price offered by the bidders, if accepted, shall remain fixed for the duration of the Agreement.
  6. Consultants must have legal capacity to enter into the Agreement. The consultants, in support of its qualification, is required to submit certified photocopies of the latest documents related to a) Trade License, b) Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate, and d) VAT Registration Certificate; without these the Quotation may be considered non-responsive.
  7. BLAST reserves the right to reject all the Proposals or the procurement proceedings. It can also reserves the right to terminate the contract if it is not satisfied with the performance, such as quality and progress of the work. In case of termination payment will not be made. Copyright of will remain with the BLAST. 
  8. The Technical and Financial Proposals of the Consultants shall be submitted through email to under the subject line of ‘Proposal: Baseline Survey under Promoting Rights through Inclusion and Empowerment (PRiTIE) Project.
  9. The deadline for submission of the Proposals is 29 September 2018, Saturday, not later than 05:00


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