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WSUP is a not-for-profit company helping cities to transform for the benefit of millions who lack access to water and sanitation. WSUP, founded in 2005, is based in the UK with offices in six countries in subSaharan Africa and Asia. In Bangladesh WSUP works with utilities & city authorities to bring sustainable improvements across the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) service delivery landscape. WSUP seeks to create an enabling environment for national departments, private sector actors and impact investors to create improved WASH services, whilst working with institutions (i.e. schools, garment factories etc.) and low-income communities to create demand of those services.

WSUP is facilitating a public private partnership (PPP) arrangement between private enterprises and utilities/city-authorities to ensure improved pit-emptying & transportation service delivery across Dhaka, Chattogram and Rangpur under the brand SWEEP. SWEEP delivers mechanical pit and septic tank emptying services to urban residents via vacuum tankers. Currently 40 frontline sanitation workers work under five SWEEP enterprises across the cities and operate the faecal sludge treatment facilities.

Coronavirus has not changed the fact that businesses and family homes need reliable pit and septic tank services. However, Coronavirus has changed the way in which SWEEP can be marketed and sold. The typical marketing strategy for SWEEP features a heavy reliance on interpersonal promotion and door-to-door sales efforts. This is widely considered the most effective approach for reaching lowincome communities and vulnerable groups in particular, which are of huge importance for this project. To support social distancing measures, we need a campaign that targets the same hard toreach groups but via low or no-contact media channels. Over the next 6 months, WSUP will be supporting five SWEEP Enterprises, across Dhaka, Chattogram and Rangpur with a multi-media campaign utilising Facebook, local FM radio, TV and Cable commercials, bulk SMS messaging and distribution of audio and printed materials in high footfall public places. The overall objective of this assignment is to raise awareness about SWEEP and generate customer enquiries using contact-free mass and social media channels. More specifically, the objective is to reach as many potential customers as possible within the next six months, leaving no one behind, especially our poorest and most vulnerable communities

WSUP inviting Proposal from reputed consultancy firm/ agency/ individual for the following consulting assignment.

1. Mass & Social Media Campaign Management for 6-month Demand Creation Campaign for
Pit Emptying Services, across 3 Bangladesh Cities.
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How to Apply:

Proposal shall be submitted to the contact below before 17h00 on 28 September 2020. WSUP Country Programme Manager,