Request for Proposal (RFP)

Hiring Consultant for Evaluation of Host Community related interventions

To: Consultant/Firm
Date: 4th April 2020

World Vision Bangladesh (WVB)-Cox’s Bazar Special Zone office is seeking for potential, experienced consultant for Evaluation of host community related interventions. Interested parties are requested to collect and submit the proposal form of World Vision. Application form & ToR can be collected as mentioned below. Details of application procedure have been clearly mentioned in the document.

General RFP Guidelines and Instructions:

RFP Name:
“ Hiring Consultant as Evaluation of Host Community related interventions”
Documents Link
RFP Reference: WVB/CXB/RFP/0021-04/022
Submission of Proposal:

Separate Technical and Financial proposals shall be sent directly through email  in PDF format to:

Maximum file size: 9MB. If mail returned due to over file size, please split the file and send in separate email.

RFP  reference  “Hiring  Consultant  as  Evaluation  of  host community related interventions”. Shall be mentioned in subject line.

Deadline for the submission Deadline for proposal submission is: 24th April 2021
Procurement Focal Point: Md. Maksedul Islam,
Strategic Procurement Coordinator,
WVB Contact regarding Technical Specification: Asif Ahmed,
EFSP MEAL Manager.
Email address:
List of Annexures: Annexure-1: Vendor Registration form
Annexure-1: TOR
Annexure-3: Supplier Code of Conduct