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Terms of Reference
To Conduct Market Research on Processed Fish and Fish Products


The Feed the Future Bangladesh Aquaculture Activity (BAA) is a five-year project of USAID working to improve nutrition through growth in the aquaculture sector.  BAA works in 21 districts of southwestern Bangladesh and 2 districts in the southeast.

In Bangladesh, the processed food industry has seen about 20% annual growth. There is a growing demand for fish-based products among the urban population as incomes, purchase power and taste for a variety of products rise. The lifestyle change is creating demand for ready-to-cook (RTC) and ready-to-eat (RTE) fish items in the domestic and international markets.

To date, BAA has implemented small-scale efforts to develop market-based interventions on processed fish. Moving forward, the Activity is exploring opportunities to scale up this type of interventions. . In supporting of developing plans for processed fish market, BAA intends to commission a market assessment that would give insights on various market segments for different processed fish products, market size and demand diversity, and possible market development and market entry strategies.


BAA issues this TOR to conduct a comprehensive market assessment to support development of market-driven interventions for processed fish and fish products. The primary objective of this assessment is to explore market potential and opportunities for processed fish and fish products, both in domestic and export markets.

Scope of work

Market entry and/or developing market for processed fish products requires a comprehensive understanding of existing market system. Understanding of current fish and fish products consumption behavior will provide key insights to demand related drivers, market size, market forces, norms and barriers to adoption of new fish based products and current landscape of processed fish based products in the market place. Such insights will assist in creating effective market-driven solutions and plans in building commercially viable products and business models.

The assessment is expected to be carried out in two (02) phases. In phase I, the selected consultant will explore current market size and market potential as well as market diversity (product range) for processed fish and fish products from a broad spectrum, for domestic and export markets. Findings from phase I will help determine specific markets/areas/segments to focus on for an in-depth assessment in phase II.

The selected consultant will carry out following activities (but not limited to) in two phases:

Phase I 

  1. Identify current product range offered by processors in the market place, and purchase and consumption related behavior of processed fish and fish products.
  2. Identify the market size and forecast for the processed fish and fish products produced in Bangladesh, both in domestic and export markets.


Phase II (will focus on specific markets and market segments that have potential for growth based on Phase I assessment)

  1. Identify the inhibiting factors in the processed fish and fish products market.
  2. Identify the most promising products/segments/applications/areas to invest on in processed fish and fish products market, in relation to the fish species cultured in Bangladesh.
  3. Identify market challenges and competitive strategic window for opportunities in the processed fish and fish products market.
  4. Define the key modes and strategic moves suitable for entering the processed fish and fish products market, both for private sectors and development agencies.
  5. Determine potential impact of COVID-19 on processed fish and fish products including its challenges and opportunities.


Expected Outcome

Phase I

Overview of current market size, future forecast and product range (current and potential) for the processed fish and fish products in domestic and export markets.

Phase II

Market challenges and opportunities, specific market-based interventions, most promising products and market segments to target and key modes and strategic moves suitable for entering the processed fish and fish products market in Bangladesh and export markets.

Findings from the assessment will inform co-development of business models and market solutions in partnership with private sector actors, which demonstrate interest to work on processed fish and fish products.

Timeline and Deliverables
This assessment is planned to begin in early July 2021 and will take about four (04) months or equivalent to 90 (g) working days to complete. The following deliverables are expected throughout and at the end of the research period.






Detailed work plan with methodologies, timeline, and budget

Milestone 1

Within 6th working day

Phase I


Assessment tools

Milestone 2

Within 15th working day


Draft Report

Milestone 3

Within 35th working day


Final Report

Milestone 4

Within 45th working day

Phase II


Assessment tools

Milestone 5

Within 55th working day


Draft Report

Milestone 6

Within 80th working day


Final Report

Milestone 7

Within 90th working day

Who can apply?

Only qualified applicants should apply. "Qualified" means an established organization that has proven and significant experience in conducting market research, value chain analysis, scoping assessment in agriculture sector, nationally and internationally, for large donor funded programs. Knowledge on Market Development and M4P (Making Market Work for the Poor) programs and their implementation would be a plus.

Consultant proposals should specifically address how uncertainties relating to the current COVID-19 situation will affect the implementation of this work, and how those can be potentially mitigated.

Required documentation

If selected for the assignment, the consultant will be required to show:
    • A certificate of incorporation (for individual companies, a trade license);
    • Joint-stock registration certificate (if applicable);
    • An organizational organogram of key personnel, inclusive of the names of such personnel;
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
    • VAT registration number;
    • Proof of a segregated account (providing the name and address of such an account);
    • Other valid papers (provided by government institutions).
    • The consulting firm must bear all annual income tax (AIT).
    • The percentage of VAT and the total amount of VAT should be mentioned in the proposal.

Submission details

Interested parties should submit detail proposal (technical and financial) on or before May 12, 2021, via email to procurement.wfbd@worldfishcenter.org mentioning the title of solicitation in the subject line.

For more details, please follow the link https://www.worldfishcenter.org/ and see the Tender and Solicitation section.