Terms of Reference – Independent Project Financial Audit of – ENHANCED COASTAL FISHERIES IN BANGLADESH (ECOFISH)

Background Summary

USAID’s ECOFISH I activity was designed to support coastal fishing communities and other key stakeholders to improve the resilience of the Meghna River ecosystem and communities reliant on coastal fisheries by establishing effective co-management of the hilsa fishery. The activity has been working since June 2014 to enhance community resilience by improving the savings of women in fishing communities, providing livelihood support and alternative income generating activities (AIGAs) as coping strategies for marginalized and extremely poor fisher folk, particularly women.

The activity also aimed to improve science-based fisheries management decision-making, strengthen fisheries adaptive co-management while addressing policy at different levels of the government, including the local power structures like upper tiers of value chain that result in exploitation of the fishing communities.

The ECOFISH I activity was completed at the end of 2019 .

WorldFish is seeking an external audit company to carry out an audit of ECOFISH. The audit will cover the period June 2014 to December 31, 2019.

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