Solicitation to Support Creation of Women's Business in Gillnets


The Feed the Future Bangladesh Aquaculture and Nutrition Activity (BANA) is a five-year project of USAID to intended to improve nutrition through growth in the aquaculture sector growth.  BANA works in 21 districts of southwestern Bangladesh and two districts in the southeast.

The contribution of fisheries sector in Bangladesh economy is enormous, and approximately 17 million people depending on the fisheries sector for their livelihoods.  Less than 10% of these are women.
But there are many women who are working in this sector invisibly, as part of household level farming.  Usually, they provide light physical labor;  entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities are rare.

Research in the sector has revealed an opportunity to improve farm productivity by opening a new approach.  Specifically, a specific design of gillnet is effective when raising mola fish to meet (very nutritious), and a qualitative study shows that household farmers, especially women, prefer using this net to catch small fish from the pond because it can be done without getting into the pond and by one person.

This gillnet is not readily available in local markets, however, and BANA would like to find a way to bring this product to market and enable women to earn an income as a result.


BANA is looking for a partner who will foster women's businesses in pond fishing and gillnets.  We are open to innovative ideas and approaches.  Perhaps a women's group business could use the nets to raise mola together and bring the fish to market?  Perhaps they could make the nets?  Perhaps the nets could be only one of several products they could sell as input suppliers?

The  objective is higher incomes for rural women fish farmers.  We are looking for a partner who can help achieve this.

Scope of Work

The selected partner(s) for this program will conduct a large scale trial of their business idea one or more districts in BANA's coverage area.  The partner will first finalize the business plan described in the proposal and implement the trial, gather & analyze the results, refine the approach, and run a second trial during a maximum 12 month period.

Who can apply

Only qualified applicants should apply.  "Qualified" means an established organization with a track record in income generation, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, or similar with a vision to expand their business for the benefit of people in rural areas in Bangladesh.

Applicants should understand that this is not an offer to hire their services, but rather this is intended to be a partnership.  This means that (A) cost sharing will be an important consideration in making this award, and (B) this activity is intended to be the catalyst for continued work of this kind without additional support from BANA.

Required documentation

If selected for the grant, the partner will be required to show:

  • NID Photocopy
  • Nationality Certificate
  • Certificate of appreciation from respective local government representative (Any of the Union Parishad member or Chairman/Vice Chairperson)
  • A certificate of incorporation (for individual companies, a trade license);
  • An organizational organogram of key personnel, inclusive of the names of such personnel;
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  • VAT registration number
  • Proof of a segregated account/bank account (providing the name and address of such an account);
  • Other valid papers (provided by government institutions).

Submission details

Interested parties should submit a one page inquiry on the attached form before 10 April, 2020, either online or via email to: mentioning the title of solicitation in the subject line.

For further details please visit: