Solicitation to provide advertising and marketing services to fish hatcheries


The Feed the Future Bangladesh Aquaculture and Nutrition Activity (BANA) is a five-year project of USAID to intend to improve nutrition through growth in the aquaculture sector growth.  BANA works in 21 districts of southwestern Bangladesh and two districts in the southeast.

Quality aqua-inputs play a vital role to grow the aquaculture productivity especially seed.  Around 965 carp and 350 Tilapia hatcheries are producing fish seed but few of them are maintaining a good  standard of quality.  Those who do are having trouble distinguishing themselves in the market.

The fish seed market is highly price-sensitive, but a quality hatchery needs a premium price to cover its cover its production costs.  In discussions with hatchery owners, it has become clear the hatchery owners see a need to differentiate themselves as quality suppliers but do not have the marketing acumen or knowledge to define and implement a plan or campaign.


BANA is looking for an advertising or marketing firm to work with a selected hatcheries to determine their priority marketing needs and assist the client hatcheries to a program--  branding strategy, logo, package design, communication pieces, and similar as determined by consultations and expert guidance.

Scope of Work:

The selected partner--  an advertising agency,  marketing company,  consulting firm, or similar--  will understand the hatcheries' needs, work with the client hatchery to prepare a simple plan, and implement the plan's priority item (such as those listed above).

After signing the sub-grant agreement, the selected partner will receive support from BANA to provide product branding and promotion services to 6 to 8 well managed private fish hatcheries with potential for growth as identified BANA.  To complete the work, the selected advertising and marketing firm will visit the clients frequently.

By supporting this one priority of a hatchery's needs, this sub-grant funding will cover only a portion of what the hatchery needs.  This is to get them started on using professional advertising and marketing firms to grow their businesses.  It is hoped that this sub-grant funding will start several new client relationships for the selected advertising and marketing firms.

Key Deliverables:

  • Detailed documentation of client consultations
  • The client hatcheries' plans 
  • Presentation & offers of the clients.
  • Reports following BANA approved templates 

Who can apply:

Only qualified applicants should apply. "Qualified" means an established organization with a track record in advertising, branding, marketing communications & planning, and consultants with related experience.

Required documentation:

If selected for the grant, the partner will be required to show:

  • A certificate of incorporation (for individual companies, a trade license);
  • Joint stock registration certificate (if applicable);
  • An organizational organogram of key personnel, inclusive of the names of such personnel;
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  • VAT registration number;
  • Proof of a segregated account (providing the name and address of such an account);
  • Other valid papers (provided by government institutions).
  • The consulting firm must bear all annual income tax (AIT).
  • Percentage of VAT and total amount of VAT should be mentioned in the proposal.

Submission details:

Interested parties should submit a one page inquiry on the attached form before 20 November, 2019, either online or via email to: mentioning the title of solicitation in the subject line.

Please find the detail information in the link below: