Vehicle for Sale

WorldFish Bangladesh Authority invites Sealed bids from interested “Independent car company” OR “register auction companies” on or before 10 October 2019 within 6.00 PM for the sale of the following vehicles:

SL no
Vehicle Details
Sl no
Vehicle Details
Reg: D.M-13-1454
Chasis: MA3EDKDIS00-337379
Eng: K12MN-4092501
Engin Capacity:1200 CC, 4 CYLINDER
Model: 2011
Micro Bus,
Brand: Toyota Noah Townace Dx,
Reg: DM-Cha-53-2794
Chasis No. KR42-5047868,
Engine No: 7K-0779753
Engin Capacity: 1800CC
Model: 2005

All bids may be addressed:

WorldFish Bangladesh Country office, House # 2/B, Road# 4, Block B, Dhaka-1213 Bangladesh.

The successful bidder will be responsible for all fees and taxes associated with the sale and transfer of the vehicle. The bid submitted should be VAT & TAX Inclusive.

Any further information please call to 01841070932 during normal working hours.

Authority reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all offers without assigning any reason whatsoever.