Terms of Reference for

Training module development and conducting ToT

Organization Background:

Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) is a Local NGO. It is established in 2008. WEAVE strives towards a progressive and peaceful CHT with high literacy rate & good governance that is free of discrimination – equal for men & women. To contribute to a progressive CHT places through providing capacity building, peace building, gender, advocacy and income generation services to the people with special focus on women and marginalized groups in the relevant sectors. 

Program Background:

The program name “Women Empowerment through Learning Leadership (WELL)” of WEAVE is focusing to enhance women empowerment of traditional women leaders, women members of local government, youth women and girls in Rangamati District. The major activity of these program is to form groups and organize awareness sessions/ events with youth women, organize training/camp/events for youth girls on life skill and leadership, created linkages/referral with different service providing institutes for getting service (e.g. Safety net, health, education, legal aid, medico-legal, economic assistance etc.) and arrange livelihood trainings for youth women and girls. The aim of the program is to directly work with the targeted beneficiary as well as all local elected public representatives and traditional leaders, all relevant CHT institutions i.e. CHT Regional Council (CHTRC), Rangamati Hill District Council (RHDC), District Administration, Upazila Nirbahi Office, Upazila Parisad Office etc. The program will identify potential women leaders to be more visible into the operational mechanism of ethnic community through team building and enhancing their understanding of the rights- based issues and increasing their leadership skill, negotiation skill etc. Through implementation of the program activities, WEAVE will build up potential youth women leaders’ capacity through different programs which will be focus on human rights, women rights, women empowerment, gender equality, leadership development etc. on CHT context. Women will be more vocal, aware about their rights, duties, entitlements etc. and these women will work directly in community level to promote the rights of women and girls where the gender equity and equality will be ensured.

Objectives of this assignment:

Women Empowerment through Learning Leadership (WELL) program of WEAVE seeks to engage a consultant to undertake the development of a comprehensive training manual (in Bengali) and conducting ToT for the staff of CHT’s four (04) WROs to enhance their knowledge and skill about Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Leadership on a training needs assessment to make the work of the program dynamically and to understand the effort in dissimilarly ways.


Generally politics in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is male-dominated, with men controlling different official agenda. Female party members are not assigned with decision-making positions within their own parties and are aggressively marginalized by male peers. Due to such hindrances, women elected members struggle to represent the interests of women and other constituencies and find it difficult to effectively articulate progressive policy agendas. This is one of the key reasons for proposing this Program for CHT. We believe, through this Program qualified and educated women leadership will be developed both at the community and district level and they will participate in different local electoral systems to contribute to nation building processes. Apparently, they will engage with different social changing undertakings and organizations that are available in CHT to elevate them to the women political leadership position.

This manual will be commonly used by four (04) WROs of CHT under WVLB Project. WEAVE will coordinate the sub-contract process and will organize ToT with prior approval from MJF. This manual is important because it will be used to improve all targeted beneficiary 1775 person about life skill & different issues.

Scope of Work:

  • Documents review
  • Training need assessment
  • Prepare content and sub-content
  • Prepare draft Module
  • Submission of draft Module
  • Management sharing, feedback & finalization
  • Workshop (ToT on this issue’s, participant 25 person)

The consultant/ firm selected for this assignment will familiarize themselves developing training module. Participatory methodology approach and dynamic role play should be applied during training sessions. Trainees will receive copies of the training manual containing description and analysis of topics, necessary background materials, and outline of learning objectives, activities, handouts, and exercises.

Deliverables of the assignment:

  • To develop one (01) module (in bengali) and course materials, schedule and handouts for the training on “Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Leadership”
  • Conduct three days long ToT for 25 participants
  • Provide session plan and handouts for the participants (30 Copies of modules)
  • Prepare training report in English and submit to WEAVE along with invoice, list of participants, attendance sheet and pictures shall be in annexure
  • Provide both soft and hard copy of training module and ToT report.

Time frame:

The consultant/ firm will submit a proposed work plan with key milestones within a week of signing the contract; this work plan will be reviewed and approved by Manusher Jonno Foundation. It is anticipated that the final module will be produced within 30 calendar days of signing of the contract. While the draft module is produced, it should be shared with MJF to provide feedback on draft report. During the whole period of the assignment, follow up meetings will be held between the contracted consultant/ consulting firm and WEAVE as need based.

Maximum Budget Range (including VAT/ Tax):
BDT 250,000/- (Two lacs fifty thousand taka only)

Proposal (program & financial):

Content and sub content of module on Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Leadership should have to share with technical proposal along with financial proposal. WEAVE will bear all cost related to venue, accommodation, multimedia, laptop and food arrangement for the participants.  The consulting firm/ individual will provide a proposal (outline on sessions, prior experience of the firm/ individual consultant on similar training and budget). The budget will include consultancy fees, preparation and making copy of training material (photocopy of presentation/ handout and training module), transport cost of consulting firm/ consultant any other cost (logistics like marker pen, flip chart, poster paper etc.). VAT and Tax will be deducted at source as per government rule of Bangladesh.

Required skill and expertise of proposed team:

Graduate/ Post Graduate Degree preferably in Gender studies, Social science, Political science, Development studies or related fields. Must have related experience, research or similar background.


  • At least 5 years of experiences in the Gender & GBV sector with assessment for Gender equality & Empowerment
  • 5 years of experience of Gender policies, especially CHT gender roles & traditional laws, Justice  and rules and regulations for Gender sector of CHT in  Bangladesh
  • Proven experiences on CHT traditional Justice System about Women’s empowerment in CHT area and governance system in Bangladesh
  • Experience of working with CHT traditional Justice for women socio, economic & politically laws and government institutions
  • Expertise from different areas like gender equality, rights of women and girls (including marginalized), empowerment and leadership, policy advocacy etc.
  • Proven experience and skills in conducting training and capacity building by using participatory learning and action in different contexts, and motivating participants to engage in content
  • She/ he or consultation firm have submit CV to WEAVE.

Payment and financial modality:

The payment for the assignment will be made through cheque. The payment will be done including TAX and VAT deduct and through account payee cheque in 3 instalments as mentioned below.

  • 30% of the total agreed amount will be paid in advance at the time of signing of the agreement.
  • 40% of the total agreed amount will be paid within one week of submission of the draft report.
  • Last 30% of the total agreed amount will be paid within one week of submission of the final module and report.
  • She/ he or consultation firm must have bank account.
  • If an organization is contracted, a valid TIN and Vat registration document is required. If an individual is contracted, a valid TIN is required.  In this case Tax and VAT will be deducted from consultant’s fees or at source while payment will be made by WEAVE as per the rules and regulations of Government of Bangladesh.

Application procedure & contact:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EoI) along with a cover letter to include a brief overview about which of your previous experiences makes you the most suitable candidate for the advertised position, technical and financial proposal and CVs by 5 October 2020, soft  copy in PDF format to email: Weaves_2009@yahoo.com mentioning the subject as ‘EoI for Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Leadership Training’ and for hard copy to Executive Director, Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) Office, House no. 19, Rajbari Road, Rajbari area (Nearest by UNDP Office), Rangamati-4500.

Women Consultants from CHT who work with women discriminatory law are highly encouraged to apply.

General terms and condition:

Either party can terminate this agreement with a written notice within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of signing this agreement. WEAVE reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement if:
1. The consultant/ firm cannot fulfill any clause of Terms of Reference.
2. The consultant/ firm cannot submit their reports within the specified time.
3. Any document, information or data entrusted to or produced by the consultant/ firm in connection with this assignment shall be strictly confidential and cannot be used by the external consultant/ firm for any other purpose without the written consent of the WEAVE authority. This provision shall remain valid even after the completion of this assignment.

Discloser of information:

It is understood and agreed that the consultant(s) shall, during and after the effective period of the agreement, treat as confidential and not disclose, unless authorized in writing by Manusher Jonno Foundation, any information obtained in the assignment of the performance of the agreement. Information will be made available for the consultants on a need-to-know basis.

Safeguarding / Protection Policy:

The individual consultant/ team/ firm shall comply with the MJF’s Policy on safeguarding and child Protection policy. Any violation/ deviation in complying with MJF’s Policy on Children Protection and vulnerable adults will not only result-in termination of the agreement but also MJF will initiate appropriate action in order to make good the damages/ losses caused due to noncompliance of MJF’s safeguarding policy.