WaterAid is a global organization, working for over 30 years now in changing lives for the betterment in 34 countries around the world. It works to offer clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to underprivileged people globally, through convincing the governments to change laws, linking policy makers with people on the ground, pooling knowledge and resources, and rallying support from people and organizations from different corners of the world – altogether making lasting change happen on a massive scale.

WaterAid Bangladesh (WAB) is one of the country’s leading WASH organizations, working with communities and using affordable appropriate technologies to help meet their water and sanitation needs. It has successfully developed and implemented model approaches for providing sustainable community-managed WASH services and facilities for people living in poverty in different hydro-geological contexts. WaterAid Bangladesh has been supporting and implementing projects in all the divisions of the country.

The horizontal growth of the operation demands attracting, developing and retaining competent workforce. As the people/human resource is the most important component of the organization, hence, having an enabling working environment focusing on enriching and strengthening the internal working process, systems and setting as well as fostering the high-performing teams inside, WaterAid Bangladesh felt the necessity to review and update its existing Human Resource (HR) Policy Manual that was last updated in 2018. This revised manual will incorporate and accommodate the latest country employment/labour law, WaterAid global directives and the best practices of comparable INGOs in country along with other amendments, as appropriate.

With this context, WaterAid Bangladesh is intending to do a review of its existing Human Resources (HR) Policy Manual and to update it to make it robust aligning global and local policies as per attached ‘Request for Proposal (RfP)’ by engaging a competent consultant/firm.

Request for Proposal (RfP)

Request for Proposal (RfP) can be downloaded from this link.

Submission of Proposal

Interested consultant/consulting firms are requested to submit a technical and a financial proposal through email at WaterAid-Tender-TA@wateraid.org with a cover letter addressing the Head of People and Organisational Development, WaterAid Bangladesh. The deadline of proposal submission is the 29th November, 2020.