Hiring Consultant for

 “Fundraising and resource mobilization online training of GAA partners in Bangladesh”

The Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA) is a 5-year joint effort (2016-2020) of four Netherlands based organizations: Plan International Netherland; Terre des Hommes Netherlands; Defence for Children-ECPAT Netherlands; and Global March. Besides Bangladesh, the project has been implemented in 10 more countries in Asia and Africa. The goal GAA project is “By 2030, Girls and Young women in Bangladesh are living in an enabling environment, free from Gender Based Violence and Economic Exclusion.” GAA started its journey in Bangladesh in January 2016. Plan International Bangladesh & Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH-NL) are jointly implementing the project with 11 implementing national partners. In Bangladesh GAA hopes to initiate lasting changes in society that will benefit girls and young women by working with four key actors: government, private sector (RMG), civil society organizations and community leaders.

Through 5C capacity assessment tools Plan and TdH Netherlands identified capacity gaps of partner organizations, and both organizations are planning to provide support for capacity development of partners/CSOs on the identified issues. In 2019, it was identified that CSOs need extensive knowledge and capacity to mobilize self-initiated funds from the donor. CSOs have less resource mobilization capacity. So GAA Bangladesh intended to support the civil society organizations (CSOs) to build their knowledge and capacities on fundraising and resource mobilization.  The assignment seeks to provide fundraising and resource mobilization online training to these organizations.

ToR can be downloaded from this link

Submission of Proposal

The technical and financial proposals should be submitted electronically to the email address: k.mandal@tdh.nl with copy to: Rifat.Tanjila@plan-international.org with “Fundraising and resource mobilization online training of GAA partners in Bangladesh.” as a subject. Two different folders i.e. technical and financial are requested to be submitted into one zip folder with a cover letter. The proposals (both financial and technical) including CVs are requested to submit in pdf format by no later than 31 July 2020.