Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity EIDHR/2019/412-276
The project is co-funded by the European Union and Terre des Hommes Italia

Advertisement for consultancy service

To design a customized training and deliver a 3-days training on advocacy, communication, and leadership to maximum 20 members of Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity project team in Dhaka or Greater Dhaka.





Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity - EIDHR/2019/412-276


To design a customized training and deliver 3-days training on advocacy, communication, and leadership to max. 20 members of Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity project team in Dhaka or Greater Dhaka


From 01/07/2021 to 15/10/2021 – approximately 10 man-days


Mrs. Iole Valentina Lucchese – Country Representative


1. Background:

Terre des Hommes (TDH) Italia is an international NGO working in Bangladesh with local partners since 1996 and registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB) since 2000. TDH Italia projects are mainly focused on adolescents’ empowerment and protection, safe migration, workers’ rights and educational support for disadvantaged children and adolescents. Its projects are both financed by institutional donors and self-financed through private sponsorship.


2. Project background:

In January 2020, TDH Italia, along with its partners Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF) and Karmojibi Nari (KN), started the implementation of a 3-year project, titled Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity | EIDHR/2019/412-276, co-funded by the European Union, with the overall objective to contribute to the social and economic rights of Ready-Made Garments (RMG) and domestic workers in Dhaka Metropolitan Area.

Using previously tested solutions, the intervention aims at increasing employers’ understanding of workers’ needs and constraints as well as their own capacity to enforce GoB legal requirements. Enhanced understanding and skills will contribute to the creation of a protective environment where workers are motivated to work more and better, and the foundations are laid to initiate dialogue on more ‘controversial’ topics, like freedom of association and collective bargaining. The intervention will aim to create an enabling environment whereby employers are open to dialogue with workers and workers are aware of their socio-economic rights, they are able to collectively articulate their demands and have access to supportive services. Under the above circumstances, workers will be able to make informed choices and advocate for their rights.

Under the framework of this project, TDH Italia and its partners have signed or will be signing MoUs with 28 RMG factories located in Dhaka city to set-up or enhance existing in-factory Day Care Centers (DCC) and activate/re-activate social dialogue mechanism within the factories (Participation, Safety and Anti-Sexual Harassment Committees). TDH Italia is now accepting applications to select a consultant/consultancy firm with theoretical and hands-on experience in designing/customizing training curriculum/materials and facilitating trainings on advocacy, communication and leadership for NGOs professionals working with the private sector (RMG industry in particular).


3. Purpose of the consultancy:

Build the capacity of the project’s team on advocacy, communication and leadership which will enable them to effectively pursue the project’s agenda with their counterparts from the RMG industry.

4. Scope of work and specific tasks to be undertaken by the Consultant/Consultancy firm:

TDH Italia will hire an external consultant/consultancy firm to develop a training session plan,
with a short description of the contents, the supporting materials and the participants’ handouts,
as well as to facilitate a 3-day training (preferably residential) for a maximum of 20 members of
the project’s team and implementing organizations.

The consultant/consultancy firm will be responsible for conducting, but not limited to, the
following tasks and activities:

  • Project documents’ review to have a clear understanding of the intervention.
  • Submit a feasible action plan with clear milestones and stick to it.
  • Assess the capacity needs of the project’s team.
  • Review relevant curricula and materials already developed within and outside the project.
  • Submit and present to TDH Italia the training’ session plan with a short description of the content under each session, a preliminary idea of the materials needed to illustrate the content and of the handouts which will be distributed among the participants.
  • Receive TDH Italia feedback and incorporate it.
  • Produce the training materials and the handouts.
  • Deliver the 3-day training to an audience of maximum 20 development workers.
  • Carry out evaluation of the training participants to affirm that the training has been effectively delivered.
  • Submit a final report of the training, specifying its outcome, main challenges, and future recommendations.

Please note that the logistic costs for organizing the training will be borne by TDH Italia.

5. Expected deliverables:

  • Action plan with milestones.
  • Training session plan in English.
  • Training’s materials.
  • Participants’ handouts.
  • Training report – maximum 10 pages – including the training’s evaluation data.

6. Key contacts for study:

Key contacts for this consultancy will be the Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity Project Manager and M&E Coordinator.

7. Timeframe:

The consultancy timeframe will start from 01 July 2021 until 15 October 2021. Within this timeframe the consultant/consultancy firm will be asked to engage for a maximum of 10 working days.

8. Skills, competence & experience:
The consultancy is open to national consultants/consultancy firms. The consultant/consultancy
firm team leader (TL) shall possess the following skills and experience:

  • Master’s degree in social sciences or other fields related to the scope of the assignment.
  • At least 07 years track record in delivering capacity building services relevant to the scope of the assignment.
  • Knowledge and experience on how to build win-win relationships with representatives of the private sector especially of the RMG industry.
  • Proved track-record in facilitating trainings in the I/NGO sector.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills, both in Bangla and English.

Applications from women are encouraged.

11. Selection criteria:


The consultant/consultancy firm will be selected based on the following technical criteria (50

  • Relevance of the consultant/TL experience (28)
  • Communication skills (16)
  • Quality of the training’ session plan (28)
  • Value for money (28)

12. How to apply:

Interested consultant/consultancy firm must submit to procurement.bangladesh@tdhitaly.org the following documents, no later than 15/06/2021:

  • For individual consultants - a CV/resumé (not longer than 3 pages) of the consultant with details of past works undertaken.
  • For consultancy firms - a profile of the firm; TL and team members CV/ resumé (not longer than 3 pages) with details of past works undertaken.
  • A video of 3 minutes in English (max size 1 GB) where the applicant introduce herself/himself and explain to the selection panel the strategies to cooperate with the RMG industry (the video will serve the purpose to assess the communication skills);
  • One-page session plan with a brief description of the contents, methodologies and similar training the consultant/consultancy firm has already delivered;
  • Proposed budget (please see attached format).
  • Copy of VAT registration certificate and valid TIN certificate (if any).

Incomplete applications will not be considered. In case you need further specification, please
contact the abovementioned email address.

13. Attachments