Study of 1Hat-Bazars (Poura Market): Governance and Management of Urban Market places in Bangladesh



Funded by Switzerland and Government of Bangladesh, co-implemented by Swisscontact and Local Government Division (LGD), the PRABRIDDHI project is working with the partner municipalities to foster local economic development. PRABRIDDHI aims to promote Local Economic Development (LED) in selected municipalities in Bangladesh by working closely with the Local Government Division (LGD). The goal is to transform the partner municipalities into more competitive local regions where enterprises can thrive, new businesses are attracted to invest, employment and income opportunities are created, and the citizens enjoy improved standards of living. After successful completion of the two years Phase I, PRABRIDDHI has started its current phase of implementation on September 01, 2020. The project will expand to six to eight new municipalities throughout the current phase.


The LED programme’s aim is to create a better Business Enabling Environment and support better services for key actors by the municipalities and key stakeholders. A “territorial change management initiative” will be induced to foster Local Economic Development. The programme supports the municipalities and local businesses to create a common platform and processes for identifying the key blockages for business growth which impacts wealth generation and employment creation. At this moment, multiple projects, and investments (financed by GOB as well as development partners) are focusing on the evolvement of municipalities and to improve the infrastructure at municipal level. The LED programme complements these initiatives by utilizing resources, both physical and administrative, to the planned activities for business growth. The LED programme supports municipalities and local business associations to identify key activities for business growth, design sub projects, while synergies are made with other programs of the government or development partners. The programme also supports private companies and businesses through partnership to reduce the risk associated in piloting new business and growth strategies that create economic opportunities for the poor.

Submission Procedure

Interested bidders should submit the technical and financial proposals and other necessary documents by 28 October 2021, to the following e-mail address:

The Technical and Financial proposal should be sent in separate e-mails. Failure to do so will disqualify the tendering individual/organization from tendering process. ‘Study of Hat-Bazars (Poura Market): Governance and Management of Urban Market places in Bangladesh’ should be mentioned in the subject line.

If a proposal is not received in the manner specified in the request, especially if it is not received by the due time, it is deemed as non-qualifying proposal, and will not be considered.

For more information, please e‐mail to Swisscontact is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage female professionals to apply.

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