Terms of Reference for consultancy service for mobile application development for Uttoron project

Swisscontact is a business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation. Represented in 38 countries with over 1,400 employees, it promotes - since 1959 - economic, social, and environmental development. The organization is based in Zurich. Swisscontact Bangladesh is registered as an International NGO under the NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh. For more information, please refer to www.swisscontact.org/en/countries/bangladesh

Uttoron - Skills for better life is a skills development project, funded by Chevron under Bangladesh Partnership Initiative (BPI) and implemented by Swisscontact. The first phase of the project continued from 2016-2019 and provided skills training to 1400 community youth in Sylhet division. Uttoron phase II has expanded its work and consists of three components, details been stated in annex

Contract duration: 03 (three) months 

The objective of this assignment is to develop a mobile application (for Android and iOS platforms) for the Uttoron trainees to facilitate them in strengthening their learning on essential soft skills. Expected outcome is reduction of turnover rate and equip them better for workspace-related challenges. The app developer will be working with the Uttoron team to launch this app in the skills development sector of Bangladesh. The knowledge and experience gathered during the first phase of Uttoron project discovered a high demand for skilled workers equipped with essential know-how on soft skills. Realizing this Uttoron has taken initiative to develop an app that will be free and accessible to all smartphone users and will ennoble the targeted youth to be more suitable to meet the industry demand.

Scope of work

The design and development scope will be limited to the scope of work as identified in this ToR. The scope of work can be categorized with the following tasks:

  • Designing, developing, integrating, and maintaining Android and iOS Mobile app.
  • Doing necessary Application Programming Interface (API)/code to integrate with the system.
  • Enhancing the mobile app compatible with any devices running on Android 4.0+ and iOS.4.0+.
  • Requirements and technical design documents.
  • Developing software requirements specification (SRS) and documenting the development procedures, data flow diagram, and others.
  • Providing an application to run in any screen (mobile devices) resolution.
  • Developing test case design for conduct testing.
  • Any other requirement comes during development.
  • Regular Maintenance of the App.
  • Upload it on google play store and apple store and bear all fees and cost of uploading.

Technological specification

  • Need to use Open-Source Development Platform.
  • CakePhp/Laravel/codeigniter can be used. The app needs to support android v4.0+ to android v.11 or later and IOS v4.0+ or later.
  • Future technology Change, iterative prototyping, and agility in product design are the generic expectation.
  • Technology and all related design/data will be open to Swisscontact.
  • The vendor should follow any of the industry-standard secure development methodologies such as (but not limited to) Comprehensive Lightweight Application Security Process (CLASP) or Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) by OWASP etc.
  • Vendor will undertake responsibility for Input Validation Controls, Authorization/Authentication.
  • Control and other security controls in place in both test and production environment of the application.

Support for operation and maintenance:

  • Prepare final operational and technical documentation (which includes requirements documentation, technical documentation, source code, data flow diagrams) and provide with both hard copies and soft copies to Uttoron project of Swisscontact.
  • Provide full-fledged system support and maintenance for the project lifetime.
  • The app will be updated based on selected feedback received from public domain via different social channel and Uttoron project. This period will be 6 months and at the end of the period, the vendor needs to submit all documentation and source code (customizable and executable source code).

System setup and hosting

The vendor will install and host the developed system in their server. The vendor will perform all standard test methods before final implementation.
Warranty (support & maintenance)

Vendor must provide all required technical support and maintenance till the end of the project timeline (June 2022) for their developed app from the completion date of the mobile App. In this case, if any bug or error is found in the running app, the vendor must attend immediately and resolve the problem ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted running condition of the implemented app. The vendor also must provide all necessary guidance and support for resolving technical difficulties and any further requirement analysis based on user feedback. All the support and maintenance work procedures must be tracked by the Help Desk Management System and maintain the service log report.
Intellectual property rights

The copyright of the delivered application will be owned by Uttoron project, Swisscontact Bangladesh. The vendor must provide all source codes with relevant documentation. The vendor should properly document all such codes and deliver it to the project and cannot claim any royalty or authority of any sort in case of replicating the source code or any other deliverables under this ToR for any future use. Furthermore, the vendor shall not use any library or code that has any other copyright claim associated with it, which will prevent or restrict the smooth transfer of ownership in any way.
Eligibility criteria

The firm must prove that they have a solid technical background and operational strength to undertake and take this work forward without any hindrances. Firms must also have adequate technical ability, resources, human resources, and processes. As such, the following are defined as minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Must have Valid and up-to-date VAT, TIN, Trade license.
  • Must have 05 years of general experience in ICT business in Bangladesh.
  • Must have at least 05 years of proven track record in the field of Mobile Application and Web-based IT Solution development & deployment under the structured framework that works on cloud.
  • Should have at least 2 years’ experience in working with INGOs and development partners.
  • Need to have competent full-time manpower/consultants in the team that includes Project Manager, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Mobile Apps Developer (iOS and Android), Web System Development Expert, Security Expert, Database Expert, UX Expert, Infrastructure Expert, Data visualization Expert, Technical Writer and dedicated Support Engineers having individual experience in the relevant ICT area.
  • Vendor will have to submit a signed CV of each expert working with the company mentioning their positions. In the case of consultants, their contract modality with the duration of engagement needs to be mentioned in their CV.

Scoring criteria for technical and financial proposal
Mentioned in annex

Submission guideline

Interested vendors are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal. Technical and financial proposals need to be received at bd.procurement@swisscontact.org mentioningConsultancy service for mobile app development for Uttoron project” in the subject line by 20 April 2021, 05:00 PM, no late and hard copy submission will be accepted.

Project overview

Component-1: Skills training for community youths Component-2: Facilitate establishment of a sustainable training centre near Bibiyana, Habiganj Component-3: Upgradation of a welding training institute
To support community youths from the selected areas within Sylhet division in securing gainful employment by equipping them with market-demanded skills. To facilitate establishment of a skills training centre for the community youths around Bibiyana with an aim that the centre will run beyond the project period. To support upgrading a national level training institute to offer training in advanced welding skills.

Scoring criteria for technical and financial proposal

 Technical proposal Sample of the work  40
Efficiency of the proposed work plan   30
 Financial Proposal Financial Score 15
Documents submitted 5
Documents Other relevant documents 10
  Total Score 100