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Creating a harmonized Brand identity and guideline for BMMDP and its different components


Bangladesh, having an agriculture-based economy, is extremely susceptible to climate change. Extreme weather events (flood and cyclones) devastate agriculture production particularly in the Northern and Southern region of Bangladesh. Though around 14% of the GDP comes from the agriculture sector, about 40% of the labour force is employed in there (Bangladesh Economic Review 2019). Therefore, climate change not only poses a threat to the economy but threatens the livelihoods of farmers. According to the Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2016, the poverty rate in rural areas is 26.4%, while urban poverty is 18.9 % with the overall extreme poverty rate at 12.9%. Smallholder farmers are especially vulnerable to climatic shocks induced poverty with their limited savings and coping strategy. Extreme weather events often force farmers to adopt negative coping strategies such as, reducing expenditure on food, borrowing at high-interest rates or selling off productive assets, which further reduce the resilience of farmers to cope with future shocks. The limited coping strategies force farmers to adopt a ‘low investment-low return’ policy to reduce their risks of crop loss and limit their capacity to specialize in income-generating activities with a higher risk profile.

To foster rural poverty reduction, there is a need to stimulate growth in the agriculture and livestock sector by facilitating commercially driven production. Building the capacity of farmers on specialized income-generating activities also fosters commercialization. Along with the need for access to inputs, technology and information, there is a strong need for access to financial services that increase farmers’ investment capacity and minimize ex-post risks. The Bangladesh Microinsurance Market Development Project (BMMDP) also known as Bangladesh Agricultural and Disaster Insurance Programme (BADIP) mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) envisions fostering inclusive growth in the agriculture and livestock sector in Bangladesh through agriculture and livestock insurance along with risk-reducing embedded extension services. In Phase 1, BMMDP will work with two partners to design, pilot and roll out affordable crop and livestock insurance products and identify distribution channels for rice, maize, potato, vegetables, beef-fattening and other livestock and poultry related activities, reaching at least 633,000 insured farmers by 2024. Swisscontact is acting as the Managing Agent (MA) of the project and wants to create a harmonized brand identity and guideline for BMMDP and its different components.

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Interested bidders should submit the technical and financial proposals and other necessary documents as hard (financial and technical proposals in two separate envelops) and soft electronic copies by 27.07.2020 before 5 pm to the address mentioned below.


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