Annex 1: Terms of Reference (ToR)
The Selection of an Event Management Firm


The ready-made garments (RMG) workers, despite their significant contribution to the national economy and global fashion industry, remain outside the purview of formal banking services. They have limited or no access to relevant, quality and affordable banking products and services. Sarathi – Progress through Financial Inclusion is a 30-month project (January 2018 - June 2020), jointly funded by MetLife Foundation and Swisscontact. It is working with commercial banks and RMG factories in Bangladesh to bring RMG workers, especially women, within the sphere of formal banking services and to enable them to conduct financial transactions as account holders and clients.

The project activities are directed to find market-based and scalable solutions that address underlying constraints such as:

  • Inadequate financial literacy;
  • Lack of access to formal banking services;
  • Inadequate commercially-viable business solutions for banks to cater to their needs.

Sarathi, currently in its scale-up phase, is looking to document and inform other relevant market actors about its market systems development approaches in financial inclusion in the context of Bangladesh, particularly in the RMG sector. Sarathi’s aim is to facilitate knowledge sharing and the replication of successful interventions to improve the financial inclusion of RMG workers. The development of communications products and campaigns is integral to this aim.


One of the key objectives of Sarathi is to impart financial literacy and promote relevant, quality and affordable banking products and services targeting the low-income RMG workers and their families. Sarathi has been working to achieve these through various project activities. This event has been planned bearing in mind that Sarathi will share various knowledge documents and disseminate key information to its stakeholders.

Through this event, Sarathi aims to:

  • Share their experience of the project with its stakeholders;
  • Share important knowledge documents with its stakeholders;
  • Show the profit case for wage digitization to banks and factories.

Methodology and Scope of Work

The event management firm will be responsible for all event related work such as decoration and branding of stage, logistic support such as providing sound system, stationeries, projectors, screens, etc., decoration, registration desk support, photography and videography, printing and designing all necessary materials for the event. The contents of the documents will be provided by the project team through regular discussions and meetings with the event management firm.

Event location

The venue for the event will be selected and booked by Sarathi.

Specific activities and deadlines

The event will take place on 12 February 2020 and the specific activities and targets, as well as the dates for all deliverables are outlined in the table below:

Specific Activities
a Organize a knowledge sharing event for the dissemination of Sarathi’s key knowledge documents. This task must include the following services:
  • Provide all necessary logistical support (stationeries, projectors, screens, decoration, registration desk support, etc.);
  • Produce photos from the event;
  • Record video footage of the event.

12 February 2020
b Design and print material for the event:
  • Design handouts to be given during the event;
  • Design and print the banner and other decorative materials for the event;
  • Design and procure all stationeries for the event;
  • Provide samples for all design and print work beforehand.
  • For samples: 31st January 2020
  • For final print outs and designs: 5th February 2020
c Capture high resolution photographs of the event which can be used in different publications and be printed in a large size (for example, for boards and banners) if needed in the future. 12 February 2020
d Deliverables:
  • Photos from event
  • Video footage from event
20 February 2020

*Any procurement or outsourcing of product or services will have to be as per the policies of Swisscontact

The role of Swisscontact will be to:

  • Work closely with the event management firm so that they understand the objective of developing the strategy;
  • Provide strategic direction and support for successful design and implementation of the assignment;
  • Review, provide feedback and approve all content for publications and promotional materials;
  • Cover all associated costs for this assignment upon submission of appropriate supporting documents, bills and vouchers (as per the agreed budget with winning bidder);
  • Keep track of the timeline of deliverables.
  • Selection criteria

The selection criteria will be divided into two parts:

  • Technical Proposal (70% of the total possible score);
  • Financial Proposal (30% of the total possible score).

Preliminary Selection:

An application, comprising of the technical and financial proposals (in separate envelopes), must be submitted with all the necessary documents listed in Section 7 to qualify in the preliminary selection.

Proposal Evaluation:

This round of selection will be conducted based on the following criteria:

  • Competitive pricing and overall reasonable, justifiable financial proposal
  • Quality, creativity and innovation of reference work submitted
  • Experience of the company in implementing relevant assignments

Submission Details

  • It is mandatory for bidding organizations to submit documentary evidence demonstrating their legal, taxation and financial status. This includes:
  • Trade license with at least two years of relevant business experience;
  • A certificate of incorporation (if applicable);
  • Joint stock registration certificate (if applicable);
  • An organizational organogram of key personnel, inclusive of the names of such personnel;
  • Tax identification number (TIN);
  • VAT registration number;
  • Proof of a segregated account (providing the name and address of such account);
  • Submission of similar assignments completed (print/ video/ film etc.) with national and international organizations
  • All statutory taxes (Income Tax, VAT), as applicable, shall be deducted at source as per Bangladeshi laws by Swisscontact and will be deposited to the exchequer.
  • Percentage of VAT and total amount of VAT should be mentioned in the financial proposal.
  • Financial proposal should be sent in a separate envelope. The name of the assignment should be mentioned on the top of the envelope. Soft copies of the technical offer should be submitted in a CD/DVD/Pen drive along with the hard copies.
  • Interested parties should submit their proposals (technical and financial) with a draft workplan and samples of similar assignments completed on or before 12 January 2020 by 5 pm BDT to the address below:

Coordinator – Finance & Procurement

Swisscontact Bangladesh
House 19, Road 11, Baridhara, Dhaka‐1212, Bangladesh
For more information please e‐mail to

  • Interested parties are also encouraged to attend a pre-bid meeting to be held on 8 January 2020. Only one representative from each party may attend the meeting. An email stating the interest to attend, along with the name of the presentative, must be submitted to on or before 7 January 2020 by 5 pm BDT.

N.B.: Swisscontact reserves the right to reject or cancel any offer without showing any cause or clarification whatsoever.