Terms of Reference (ToR)
for the combined End Line Evaluation of

Integrated response to COVID-19 crisis through strengthened healthcare, child protection and education services


Strengthening and expanding household and community mechanisms to support the wellbeing and resilience of vulnerable populations affected by Rohingya Crisis and COVID-19

April 2021

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  1. Last date of proposal submission: 10 May, 2021 within 11.00 PM. BID SUBMISSION: Electronic Submission-
    a. Email should be sent with technical and financial softcopy to: Bangladesh.rrprocurement@savethechildren.org
    b. Email should be addressed to Sr. Manager - Procurement & Supply Chain. Please note – this email box is a
    sealed tender box so DO NOT SEND QUESTIONS related to this tender to this email address
    c. The subject of the email should be “RFP/SCI/CXB/FY-21/00014, Bidder Response – ‘Bidder Name’, ‘Date’’
    d. All documents should be clearly labelled so it is clear to understand what each file relates to.
    e. Email size should not exceed 15mb – if this limit is breached bidder should split the submission into two emails.
    f. Do not copy other SCI email addresses into the email when you submit it as this may invalidate your bid..
  1. The technical portion of the proposal evaluation score will be adjusted to form 80% of the total proposal score. The financial portion of the proposal will be evaluated for 20% of the total score.