Yearly Framework Agreement “Staff Counsellor for Psycho-Social Support”


Save the Children in Bangladesh [SCiBD] is a leading child rights based organization currently working in number of thematic areas, including education, care & protection, policy rights governance, health and nutrition & HIV/AIDS, child poverty, and humanitarian. This is one of the largest COs in SCI with more than 1300 staff and 1200 volunteers covering development and emergency programs.

Bangladesh CO staff are passionate about delivering more and more for the children. Many of these staff deal with children who have become victim of various types of abuse and traumatic situations. These situations and work context create obvious strain on staff across the program. These stressful situation, excessive effort to achieve targets jeopardize health and wellbeing of many staff that consequently can cause trauma among the staff and ultimately may hamper their ability to work for children. This is particularly true for the female staff who have to maintain triple roles (work roles, family roles and social roles). SCiBD, therefor, likes to hire a professional Clinical Psychologist Institute, to provide psycho-social counselling, including psychotherapy and cognitive therapy support to boost up staff morale and overcome any potential traumatic situation.

Specific Objective:

The overall objective of the program is to reduce stress level of staff so that they can provide better service to the children. The objectives of the psycho-social counselling program are:

  • To contribute to the well-being of staff and their mental health and raising awareness on stress, its affects and how to develop healthy coping mechanism to manage the work and personal stress. 
  • To provide immediate support through, face-to-face meeting, hotline or tele counseling process
  • To provide support to staff for coping with the mental stress caused by COVID-19 situation.
  • To contribute towards improving practices and cultures aimed at improving the work-life integration of their employees.
  • To alleviate the causes of stress by improving good management style through improved employment relation.
  • To improve quality of working life: employees feel happier at workplaces and perform better.
  • To increase the employee engagement: attendance levels go up and sickness absence goes down (due to headache, migraine, asthma, BP).

Request for Proposal (RFP) can be downloaded from this link

Pre-proposal Meeting Minutes can be downloaded from this link

Submission of Proposal                                          

Interested consulting firm/agency are requested to submit their technical & financial proposal separately in sealed envelope with the details outlines, methodology, budget plan, time frame and CVs of experts along with required legal and supporting documents as per RFP.

A Pre-proposal meeting will take place at 11.00 AM on April 12th, 2021 as following link : https://zoom.us/j/92611647386?pwd=dm1XRHRVTFJBcWNWMW80NVlHenB0QT09. Interested consulting firm/agency are requested to attend the pre –proposal meeting. 

Submission: Offer/Proposal should be submitted within the mentioned deadline through email: Dhaka.Procurement@savethechildren.org Subject: Framework Agreement on Psycho Social Support Service” Reference RFP No: RFP/SCI/BDCO/FY-21/(manual)08” written on subject latest by 21st April 2021 sharp 02.00 PM