USAID’s MaMoni MNCSP COVID-19 Response Project

Terms of References (ToR) of Rapid Response Team Consultant for Health
Facility Assessment


Bangladesh has developed a National Preparedness and Response Plan and technical guidelines on COVID-19 with the support from WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goal of the national response plan is to prevent and control COVID-19 in Bangladesh to reduce impact on the health, wellbeing and economy of the country. The
government has also strengthened its preparedness efforts, and has set up the national preparedness and response coordination mechanism through a COVID-19 Emergency Operation Center (EOC) under the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The national response plan has identified several areas for priority actions including surveillance of the emerging issues aiming to improve coordination and capacity of national and sub-national health systems to rapidly respond to the changing COVID-19 epidemiology and implement appropriate response plans. In collaboration with different development partners and international NGOs, DGHS has already conducted an assessment of facility preparedness and readiness for COVID-19 that identified some gaps in the facilities. But, in the changing context of the pandemic, further assessment is required to address the needs and new emerging issues.

USAID’s MaMoni COVID-19 Response Project of Save the Children will form Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) to support the DGHS and other partners to undertake rapid analysis and develop appropriate response plans for current and new emerging epicenters and hotspots. These RRTs consisted of specialists in communicable diseases and outbreak management will be equipped to move quickly and work closely with divisional/district and local leadership to analyze the
situation and respond immediately. In the urban areas, the RRTs will work in close coordination with the City Corporations/Municipalities and the institutions of the local government bodies.

SCI plans to engage consultant/s under a lead one who will help forming the Rapid Response Teams, engage them to undertake prompt actions for surveillance at national and subnational level facilities and recommend government and stakeholders to take necessary actions against immerging issues and changing COVID-19 epidemiology. The consultant/s will conduct assessment on some listed facilities, prepare report and recommendations as per guidance of lead consultant

Project Details:

Overall Goal: The overall goal is to strengthen the health system response to community transmission of COVID-19 and to minimize health risks to individuals and avoid adverse health outcomes.

Objectives 1: To enhance the national health system’s capacity to prevent transmission and to improve management of COVID-19 cases in health care facilities and at community level.

Objective 2: To support the subnational health systems to rapidly analyze and respond to the changing distribution of the burden of the epidemic

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved readiness of public and private sector health facilities designated for COVID- 19 case management at national and subnational levels
  • Improved access to digital and in-person health services by suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases based on the categorization of the severity of symptoms
  • Improved coordination and capacity of national and sub-national health systems to rapidly respond to the changing COVID-19 epidemiology and implement appropriate response plans
  • Improved national and sub-national capacity to engage the non-health sectors to enhance safety at workplace and to minimize the economic impact to vulnerable families
  • Contribute to nationally harmonized national eHealth platform to provide coordinated response across the various pillars of the national response plan

Geographical coverage:

Dhaka City

  • All Covid Hospitals (total 19)
  • Urban Slums (to be selected)


  • 300 Bed Narayangonj DH
  • Sajeda Foundation Hospitals


  • 500 Bed Shaheed Tazuddin MCH
  • MCWC, Meghdubi (20 beds)


  • 100 Bed Narsingdi DH


A draft and final guideline including related data should be submitted to Save the Children in Bangladesh in both hard and soft copy. The ownership of the report for publication rests with Save the Children in Bangladesh. All the data and reports including the findings and recommendations will remain the property of Save the Children in Bangladesh and must not be published or shared with a third party.

Save the Children will hire ‘03 individual consultants’ for the role. Interested individual consultant, may submit their technical and financial proposal along with updated CV, TIN & VAT registration certificate copy to the following email address: VAT registration is mandatory for consultant to obtain consultancy service under USAID funded project, application closing date: September 23, 2020.

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