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Communication Consultant to develop and or adapt several IEC materials to increase uptake of Post‐ Partum Family Planning (PPFP) focusing on First Time Parents (FTPs) aged between 15‐24 years of age Period of Performance: 1st October – 31st December, 2020 (60 calendar days within 90 days’ period) Hiring Manager: Dr Syeda Nabin Ara Nitu, Project Manager‐Shongzog


The transition to becoming a parent for the first time is a time of major life changes. At the same time that young mothers are removed from family, school, and social support networks, they must navigate caring for their own health while learning to care for a newborn. Young mothers (ages 15‐24) are vulnerable to poor health outcomes and are also less likely than older women to access reproductive and maternal health services, including family planning. In Bangladesh, the youngest mothers have low use of modern postpartum family planning (FP) and the shortest intervals between births. Low use of effective methods of FP makes young mothers vulnerable to unintended pregnancies and rapid repeat pregnancies. Both younger age at first birth and closely spaced pregnancies contribute to increased risk for maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. Yet this transition to becoming a parent for the first time offers opportunities to improve life‐long health and wellbeing for young parents and their families.

In September 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the Connecting young parents to PPFP through diverse platforms (Connect/Shongzog) project to Save the Children. Connect/Shongzog complements the USAID‐funded MaMoni MNCSP project led by Save the Children, which aims to increase equitable utilization of quality maternal and newborn health services. Over 4 years, Connect/Shongzog will develop and test additional activities (called “program enhancements”) to enhance MaMoni MNCSP’s reach of young parents, increase young parents’ use of FP and increase the coverage, timing and use of quality PNC/postpartum care among first‐time mothers (FTMs). In Bangladesh, the project is called “Shongzog” and will be implemented in two phases. In Phase One, the present phase, we have undertaken formative research and are now moving to development and testing of the program enhancement at a small scale over 18 months. In Phase Two, Connect will expand implementation to additional districts. Throughout, Connect will document and share results and implementation challenges and lessons learned.

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