Save the Children is soliciting an experienced organization for Situational Analysis of New Rural Sponsorship Program”

Save the Children in Bangladesh [SCiBD] is a leading child rights based organization, currently covering a wide range of geographical areas in the Dhaka, Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Rangpur Divisions. SCiBD works in number of thematic areas, including Education, Child rights and governance and child protection, Health and Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, Child poverty and Humanitarian.

Sponsorship funded Shishuder Jonno (SJ) Program is an Integrated Child Development Program (ICDP), which is implementing at Barisal district as a rural settings; and Rayer Bazar slum as a urban settings; with the goal of ‘Children Learn and Develop to their Full Potential’. The target group is from birth to nineteen years following a ‘life cycle approach’. Under the program has five core component namely a) Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD) b) Basic Education (BE) along with ICT in education c) School Health & Nutrition (SHN) d) Maternal Newborn Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) & e) Adolescent Development (AD) and another 2 non-core component namely a) Child Protection (CP) and b) Child Rights and Governance (CRG) as well as 2 cross-cutting component namely a) Community Mobilization and b) Gender.

SCiBD has been implementing Sponsorship funded programs ‘Shishuder Jonno’ in Meherpur district from 2006 – 2019, Dhaka program from 2015 and in Barisal District from 2017. According to plan, SCiBD has decided to work in Saghata Upazila of Gaibandha district, as a new sponsorship program area. So, it is the time to conduct a comprehensive situational analysis to identify the program need of the selected upazila. So, unionwise detail information is required for designing the program.

Save the Children believes no one model works well everywhere, since values, expectations, needs and realities related to children (as well as adults) vary considerably in different locations. The situational analysis is a critical step in understanding the unique characteristics of the program area and of establishing a relationship with the community. It also ensures that the community has the opportunity to communicate their needs and inform program. The goal of the situation analysis is to help identify priority challenges and their underlying causes as well as existing and potential resources in the community to ensure that the program activities are well targeted.

In addition, a situational analysis ensures that the community has the opportunity to communicate their needs. The situational analysis is a critical step in establishing a relationship with the community based on mutual understanding, and in promoting the involvement of community members in the planning and management of any program. Aside from community involvement, research into local program needs and options should be conducted in tandem with national educators, health personnel, social welfare officers and with others who have information regarding the local issues that may influence the provision of services. Finally, the Situational Analysis report will be used to prioritize the most important findings that should be considered in the program design, which takes place at the end of the Situational Analysis. The program baseline survey follows next is based on the expected outcomes and outputs of the designed program.

Term of Reference (ToR) and Request for Proposal (RFP) notice can be downloaded from this link.

Submission of proposal

Interested organizations/consulting firms are requested to submit their technical & financial proposal separately in sealed envelope with the details on methodology including activities and milestones, budget details, time frame and CVs of experts along with required legal and supporting documents as per RFP Notice.

The Pre-Proposal meeting will be held in Save the Children Country office, Dhaka on March 23, 2020 at 02.00pm

Hard copy of the proposal duly signed should be submitted to following address with the subject line and reference no: "Situational Analysis of New Rural Sponsorship Program (REF:  RFP/SCI/BDCO/FY-20/00007)" latest by March 30, 2020 sharp 2.00 PM. Soft copy of the technical proposal is needed to be submitted in a CD with hard copy of the proposal.

Considering the outbreak of COVID19 we advise for Electronic Submission, Email should be sent to: The subject of the email should be “RFP/SCI/BDCO/FY-20/00007, Bidder Response – ‘Bidder Name’, ‘Date’’. Email size should not exceed 15mb – if this limit is breached bidder should split the submission into two emails. Do not copy other SCI email addresses into the email when you submit it as this may invalidate your bid.