Consultant for MIS Application Testing


Save the Children is leading a multi sectoral nutrition program “Suchana” along with eight organizations in the consortium. Suchana aims to reduce stunting among children under 2 years of age in the 250,000 poor and very poor households in Sylhet and Moulavibazar districts. In order to break the intergenerational cycle of undernutrition, Suchana adopts evidenced based interventions combining both nutrition specific and sensitive components to reach out poor and very poor women of reproductive age (15‐49 years) and adolescents’ girls (15‐19). The project has introduced a robust
Management Information System (MIS) for collecting real time data of the achievements of the interventions which are analyzed and reported monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.


Suchana MIS (Web based and Android Apps) has been operating in Sylhet and Moulavibazar by the field staff of the implementing partners. Around 1000+ users are using this system for real time performance reporting. The system experienced various complains by the users.

To ensure better quality and smooth operation of the MIS, Suchana Program will introduce quality assurance component in the MIS development life cycle leading by ICT unit of SCIB.

A consultant will be hired temporarily to work in the quality assurance component of Suchana MIS with specific responsibilities of testing Suchana MIS apps for improving its quality in operation and reducing complains of the users.