Call for Proposal for Consultancy

Consultant for Development of the Teacher Professional Development Framework

Terms of Reference

Background Information and Context

In the Rohingya refugee response, recruitment of qualified, experienced and well-trained teachers is a constant barrier to providing quality education to all children. In addition to inadequate knowledge and training, teachers have also been traumatized by this crisis and need support to recover and remain motivated to teach. To address this, education sector partners, over the past months since the influx, have provided training activities aimed at building basic teaching competencies and support the learning of over 200,000 children in the refugee camps (Education Sector 4Ws, 2018).

In view of these efforts and the need to further support the Sector in providing quality education response, Save the Children, through support from various donors will: 1) consolidate the teacher training experience of the Education sector, 2) support the strengthening of Education in Emergencies (EiE) capacities of local NGOs by providing contextualized training of trainers (ToTs), and 3) provide technical support to NGOs in strengthening their EiE mechanisms and equipping them with the tools for teacher training.

This consultancy will provide Save the Children with the critical material resources for its Teacher Development Program, which consequently, will be shared with the Education Sector.

Scope of Work

  • Develop teacher core competencies aligned with the learning competencies as defined by Guidance for Informal Education Program(GEIP) and based on the teaching quality gaps identified in the TLCs
    • Conduct a situation analysis on the current level of Knowledge/skills, Attitude and Practices of teachers in camps, to include not only the learning centres operated by Save the Children, UNHCR partners and other Education Sector agencies.
    • Facilitate a 2-day workshop to consult Education Sector agencies including GoB education officials on the appropriate Teacher Competency framework for adaptation of the Teacher Training Package in light with teachers expected competencies.
    • Facilitate a 3-day workshop to finalize the Teacher Competencies
  • Develop teacher competencies assessment tool and teacher classroom performance monitoring tool
    • Based on the Teacher competency framework and teacher competencies package, develop the teacher competencies assessment toolkit including classroom performance monitoring tool which outlines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes the teachers should have to be able to roll out the Guidance for Informal Education Program(GEIP) materials in the TLCs.
    • Field test and finalize the teacher competencies assessment tools
    • Develop guidance on the use of the teacher competencies assessment tools
  • Train teacher educators on how to undertake periodical performance monitoring against each of the competencies
    • Develop a 2-day training course and facilitate the training for the teacher educators on how to conduct periodical performance monitoring of the competencies using the competency assessment tools
    • Develop guidance on performance monitoring of competencies

Expected Outputs

  • KAP survey design and tools (including gender, inclusion and MHPSS)
  • KAP study report
  • Teachers’ Competency package, to include the following key features:
    • Teachers’ competency framework
    • Teachers’ competencies (including Gender, inclusion and MHPSS) 
  • Workshop design on the following:
    • Consultation with the Education Sector agencies on the appropriate Teacher Competency framework and adaptation of the Teacher Training Package (including gender, SGBV and inclusion)
    • 3 days’ workshop to finalize the Teacher Competencies
    • 2 days training on how to conduct periodical performance monitoring of the competencies.
  • Teacher competencies assessment tool and performance monitoring tool
  • Detailed guidelines on the use of the Teacher competencies assessment tool
  • Detailed guidelines on teachers’ classroom performance monitoring tool


The consultant should include a timetable of activities (Technical Section) by date. The consultant is expected to begin the assignment immediately after agreement signing and accomplished by 4 months.

Payment Method

To be decided later.

Management of the consultants

The consultant will report to the Senior Technical Advisor – Education and closely work with the relevant Education team members as and when necessary.

Experience, qualifications, skills and competencies of the consultant

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Education and a related discipline
  • Extensive experience in teacher’s professional development and /or as teacher educator in developing countries
  • Experience in Socio Emotional learning, inclusive education and gender in Education.
  • 8 plus years’ experience with education programs
  • Willingness and ability to travel to remote locations with only minimal logistical support
  • Working experience in Asia (particularly Bangladesh and Myanmar) preferred

Child Safeguarding 

  • The consultant/s must read, sign, and adhere to Save Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy.
  • Save the Children reserves the right to conduct background checks for all shortlisted applicants, in addition to collecting references from previous clients.
  • Any child safeguarding-related and other sensitive data shared with the consultant/s under the audit process will have identifiers stripped/replaced with dummy data as appropriate.


All drafts and final reports, materials should be submitted to Save the Children in Bangladesh in both hardcopy and electronic versions. The ownership of the report for publication rests in Rohingya Response program of Save the Children in Bangladesh. All the data and the reports including the findings and recommendations will remain the property of Save the Children in Bangladesh and must not be published or shared with a third party without a written and prior permission of Rohingya Response program of Save the Children in Bangladesh.  Any changes in these deliverables must be approved by Rohingya Response program of Save the Children in Bangladesh.

Invitation to Apply:

Qualified individual consultants are requested to submit their technical (a maximum of 7 pages) and financial proposal along with below mentioned details-

  • Detailed CV
  • Examples of at least one previous work on TPD preferably in Emergencies context produced in English, and for which the consultant is sole or lead author
  • Details of two professional referees
  • Consultancy fee history/justification in favor of your expected consultancy fee - including fees, travel cost and others (excluding workshop cost)
  • Bank Account details with brunch name and routing number
  • Latest TIN certificate

Application Deadline – 13 July 2019

Applications should be submitted to -