Date : 07/01/2021
Title : Consultancy for Case Study

This Expression of Interest solicitation is open to all eligible consultants, in accordance with SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL recruitment procedures.

The objective of this consultation is:

The main purpose of the assignement is to conduct a Case study exercise to document the SCAN project, its rationale, methodology and the changes it has brought about for project stakeholders. The exercise will seek to capture and better understand how the intervention contributes to the outputs (results) and specific objective by interviewing project stakeholders.

More specifically, the case study exercise will be two-fold.

Firstly, the consultant will describe the context prior to the intervention (water and sanitation governance and stakeholders, needs and gaps in water and sanitation services, etc) and the rationale behind the intervention as designed and implemented by RIC and Solidarités International. The implementation methodology and activities will also be described and illustrated.

Secondly, the consultant will capture the essence of the project and the action by illustrating its effects through portraits of beneficiaries and key stakeholders. Challenges and good practices will be drawn from the interviews. The factors that led to success will be documented and lessons learned provided after analysis to improve intervention design for future projects.

The consultant will be recruited by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for a period of 45 working days from the starting date(7th February)  and works under the supervision of Field Coordinator, Dhaka.

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL invites consultants to apply for the provision of services as described above. Interested consultants must submit their CV providing information on their capacity and experience showing that they are qualified for the services (documentation, references for similar services, experience in similar assignments, availability of qualified staff, etc.).

Interested consultants may express their interest by sending an email to the following address: and before 20/01/2021 and expressly mentioning « EOI and financial proposal » as ToR of

A short list of consultants will be finalized after the call for expressions of interest and the consultation will follow the rules and procedures of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for the use of Consultants. It is noteworthy that the interest shown by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for inclusion in the short list.