Date : 06/11/2019
Project : Strengthening the resilience of communities to natural disasters in Bangladesh Title: Consultant for IGA Assessment and Market Analysis
Location of the Consultancy: Teknaf and Bandarban
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This Expression of Interest solicitation is open to all eligible consultants, in accordance with SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL recruitment procedures.

The overall objective of the assessment is to identify the best strategy to develop the market for the pre-selected IGAs through the already established structures and relationship in a sustainable way. It will allow an understanding of the market potentials and the barriers when developing Income Generating Activities in host communities in Teknaf and Alikadam.
The specific objectives of this study are indicated as follows: -

  • To identify IGA sectors that can sustainably be developed by selected beneficiaries in Teknaf and Alikadam areas from the pre-selected list and prioritize based on their economic importance. Prioritization criteria should be designed with score for pre-selected IGAs. Beneficiaries’ interest, availability of inputs for those IGA, market demand and level of realistic supply should be considered.
  • To explore the market potentials and structure of the market actors and linkage at regional and district level
  • To understand the general trend and the impact of the crisis for the products and services targeted by the pre-selected IGAs.
  • To identify marketable skills and business areas that could be run by beneficiaries with minimum level of expertise
  • To critically identify the potential (demand and supply chain) of the market for the preselected IGAs with analysis of the key value chains for pre-selected IGAs to identify the potential for SI beneficiaries to engage in the value chain
  • To assess the differential needs and/or interest of women and men community members for IGA. Identify socio-cultural challenges that prevent women from engaging in certain business areas or labour market
  • To identify and analyze the structure of micro-finance and credit institution including their motivation to provide access to loan to expand beneficiaries’ IGAs
  • Assess feasibility and potential for different assistance modalities (Cash, In-kind or Voucher)
  • To assess the minimum amount of business start-up for the pre-selected income generating activities and also running/working capital
  • Critically evaluate macro-economic dynamics (inflation) and its impact on local markets
  • Recommend potential IGA from preselected IGA’s considering context and market opportunities with justification. The finding must be justified for each recommended IGAs on priority order.
  • Recommend high valued new/additional IGA’s which may also potential besides preselected IGA’s

The consultant will be recruited by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for a period of 35  CALENDAR DAYS from the 01 December 2019  and works under the direct supervision of FSL & DRR Coordinator.

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL invites consultants to apply for the provision of services as described above. Interested consultants must submit EOI and all relevant documents as indicated on section 11 of the Terms of Reference, “Application Process which mentions technical proposal, financial proposal sealed separately, one sample related consultancy report, and other.”

Interested consultants may express their interest by sending an email to the following address: with CC to by 21/11/2019 5.00 pm and expressly mentioning « Consultancy for IGA Assessment and Market Analysis »

A short list of IGA Assessment and Market Analysis consultants will be established after the call for expressions of interest and the consultation will follow the rules and procedures of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for the use of Consultants. It is noteworthy that the interest shown by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for inclusion in the short list.

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