Expression of Interest
GIS data collection for Kushtia and Benapole’s IMIS


SNV Netherlands Development Organisation had started its journey in 1965 from Netherlands as not for profit volunteer organisation. SNV have built a long-term, local presence in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America working in the sectors of WASH, Agriculture and Renewable Energy through providing advisory services, facilitating knowledge development, networking, and carrying out advocacy at national and international levels. SNV mission is to make a lasting difference in the lives of millions of people living in poverty. For more information, please refer to our website:

SNV is implementing an Urban Sanitation Programme in Southern Bangladesh over the past 7 years, through a multi-stakeholder’s coordination mechanism under the leadership of Local Government Institutions (City Corporations and Municipalities) to address service delivery challenges in Faecal Sludge Management (FSM). The programme aims to facilitate a decisive shift in sector thinking, culture and practice through close alignment with respected sector agencies and working collectively with government and local partners to address underlying systemic sector issues that limit sector development. Under the Urban Sanitation and Hygiene for Health and Development (USHHD) approach, we work in 5 major components: 1) Sanitation demand creation and behavioural change communication; 2) Strengthening sanitation supply chain development; 3) Improving WASH Governance and multi-stakeholder sector development; 4) Sustainable Finance and Investment; and 5) Introducing environmentally safe treatment and re-use technologies.

SNV is currently executing two related projects within the Urban Sanitation Programme: City Wide Inclusive Sanitation Engagement (CWISE) project in Khulna, Jhenaidah and Kushtia; WASH SDG Programme in Jashore, Benapole and Gazipur.


The Integrated Municipal Information System (IMIS) is a web GIS-based system that helps municipalities to manage their municipal services, monitor their performance and develop spatial and non-spatial-based analysis for better decision making in city planning. SNV developed this system within Urban Sanitation Programme, currently implemented in 4 cities. The system is in full expansion and planned to be replicated in Kushtia and Benapole municipalities. This ToR has the purpose to collect the initial GIS data of containments and link Holding ID information to the existing building outline in both municipalities.

Data availability in Kushtia and Benapole

Recent Master Plans has been conducted in both Kushtia and Benapole Paurashavas. The Paurashavas will provide to SNV the GIS layers of the Building outline and some collected information. The Building database will be one of the main layers from which the selected firm will collect the remaining information. Moreover, the Paurashavas owns their Holding database, usually in Excel format, using the standard Tax Code. This assignment will link the Holding database with the GIS Building outline.

Paurashava Building Structures (approximate) Holdings Wards
Kushtia 66,851 building outlines (GIS) 35,000 unique holdings (Excel) 21 wards
Benapole 11,906 building outlines (GIS) 7,089 unique holdings (Excel) 9 wards

Standard Tax Code

The standardisation of Holding codification is Bangladesh is a big challenge, particularly when it is required to be integrated in a digital system and related databases. The Holding should play a role of unique identifier of the plot in the cities and towns. The majority of City Corporations and Paurashavas are only practicing the Holding number based on digits plus an extension, which is combined with a huge variety of extra characters and descriptions (Kha, Gha, Besides, New…), as 1345/84Ka. These numbers are linked to roads and lanes and most of them do not maintain a sequence specially in the unplanned area. This Holding Number can be repeated in different wards, as there is not centralised system.

Fortunately, a standard Tax Payers’ Code nomenclator is being promoted by LGED. This combines the Ward and the Tax Zone, which is also known as Road ID in some cities. The nomenclator should follow this sequence: XX-XXX-XXXX-XX, Ward-Zone-Holding-Extension. Both Kushtia and Benapole are using this standardised Tax Code, which facilitates the management of the database.

Objective of the assignment

Update and improve the GIS database information of Kushtia and Benapole to be able to migrate into the IMIS platforms.
Particularly, it is expected to:

  • Collect GIS location of all containments (septic tanks, toilet pit) with basic information of both municipalities.
  • Update the unique Holding ID information of all buildings of both municipalities.
  • Update building databases including addition of new buildings into the existing GIS database.

Experience requirements

A firm having five years of experience in GIS data collection in the urban setting.  

Submission of Expression of Interest (EoI)

Interested firms/organisations are invited to set out a summary of their organisation and relevant experience in a short Expression of Interest (EoI) for the task. The EOI should include a summary of the organisation’s legal documents, capacities and areas of expertise; a short description of experience in GIS data collection; list of renowned clients (INGOs, Government, Companies) with at least one contact name and email; organisational structure and profile of key personnel relevant to the task;

Selection Criteria:

Maximum Score
Overall Experience: Year of experience, list of completed assignments/projects in last three years, and list of major clients
Relevant Experience: Similar assignments (GIS data collection in the urban setting) completed in last three years.
Organisational structure and profile of key personnel relevant to the task;


Carefully read the instructions before completing the questionnaire and compiling your bid. Note that submission of false information will lead to automatic disqualification.

  • Responses to this EOI must be in accordance with the requirements for information in the document.
  • Applicants must fill all sections and provide all requested documents.
  • As per the criteria listed above, in selection of Consultancy Firms, SNV will short-list only those firms/ organizations that are able to demonstrate clearly their capacity and competence to conduct the work by achieving more than 70 points in the EOI. Applicants are encouraged to apply only if they can demonstrate clear expertise and past performance.
  • The application document must be signed by the authorized representative of the Firm/ Company and under the registered Company Seal / Stamp.
  • Please note that by responding to the Questionnaire and signing on behalf of your company, you accept that all answers provided are legally binding and should the need arise, may be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Applicants should note that this call for EOI does not amount to any contractual obligation.
  • Applicants will meet all cost associated with preparation and submission of their applications.
  • Any and all canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.
  • The Pre-Qualification questionnaires which are NOT filled out completely and submitted in the prescribed manner with all requested attachments and certificates will not be considered.


  • It is understood and agreed that the pre-qualification data on prospective bidders is to be used by SNV in Bangladesh in determining, according to its sole judgment and discretion, the qualifications of prospective bidders to perform in respect to tender category as described. SNV follows the EU GDPR data protection guidelines and will maintain data in secure electronic and hard copy for a period no longer than 7 years.
  • Prospective bidders will not be considered qualified unless in the judgment of SNV in Bangladesh they possess capability, experience, and qualified personnel to satisfactorily executed the contract for services.
  • Should a condition arise between the time the firm is pre-qualified to bid and the bid opening date which in the opinion of SNV in Bangladesh could substantially change performance and qualification of the bidder or his/her ability to perform, such as but not limited to bankruptcy, change in ownership or new commitments, SNV in Bangladesh reserves the right to reject the tender from such a bidder even though the bidder was initially pre-qualified through the EOI.


  • Applications must be in ENGLISH.
  • Electronic copy of the EoI along with the pre-qualified questionnaire duly signed should be submitted to  with the subject line: “GIS data collection for Kushtia and Benapole’s IMIS” latest by 07 December 2021.
  • Any submissions made after this date and time will be disqualified. The bidder is responsible for obtaining an electronic receipt. 
  • For any query related to the EoI, please email to Shahidul Islam, Project Manager, Email:  to keep CC

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