Terms of Reference:

Conduct sanitation survey among all health institutes (GoB/Private) using AkvoFlow tools in three towns (Khulna, Jhenaidah, Kushtia) and develop five Cities (in addition Gazipur and Jashore) Keynotes on FSM present Context


SNV is implementing a programme City Wide Inclusive Sanitation Engagement (CWISE) in Southern Bangladesh under the leadership of Local Government Authorities (City Corporations and Municipalities). Over the past 5 years, the programme has successfully developed a multi stakeholder coordination mechanism at the local level under the leadership of Local Government Institutions. There are different market segment we have to reach to meet our gaol in all project areas. Health authority and health institutes is one of our important market where we find a platform to transfer FSM Knowledge to the other market segments. All consumer have trust on health institutes especially on health and curative issues. Therefore, through the mentioned activities we would like to reach all health sector in our project areas.


We are working with different market segments in our working areas. We have reached education institute, low-income committee, planned area and some government institutes but we cannot reached health sector yet. Actually Health institute are very much focus on Health service, therefore we would like to merge Faecal Sludge Management with health sector and sensitized them as well. We have plenty of health institute in our working areas. Details are as follow-

# of health institutes
Survey Report and Keynote
Survey Report and Keynote
Survey Report and Keynote
Keynote based on Baseline
Keynote based on Baseline
Keynote based on Baseline (merge with Jashore)

In December 2017, we had a meeting with some health institutes representative in Khulna; we found most of the representative are not aware on FSM. In addition, sometime they faced difficulties to emptying septic tank due to lengthy process of receiving service. Those clinics are running on a rental building, only building owner can take the decision to emptying septic tank. As one NGO is working with medical waste management, there is an opportunity to develop a system for both medical waste and faecal waste jointly.  


As one of significant market segment in health institutes and we have about 200 health institutes under CWISE working areas. Moreover, 100 institutes in WASH SDG working areas. Each institute is a FSM consumer; not only they can practise regular and safe emptying, but can demonstrate for others city dwellers. Beside that this activities will help to contribute SDG 6.2 Goal. People have trust on health institutes and they usually follow them. It is sure, if we can engaged all health institute, then we can reach significant number of city dwellers, therefore firstly we need to aware all health institute and sensitized them for best FSM practice and inspire them for demonstration for other market segments. We need to set a benchmark for the health sector by a triparty consultation workshop among health department, KCC and Urban San programme representatives, so that they would active for implementation.


The main objective of this activity is to strength the capacity and enhance knowledge on FSM of the health institutes under urban sanitation project areas.

The specific objectives of this Activities are:

  • To reach all health institute for enhancing knowledge on toilet access, operation & maintenance including emptying;
  • To engaged all health institutes including GoB hospital for strengthening city wide FSM value chain especially awareness part;
  • To make an action plan for health institutes for FSM activities implementation.
  • To find a way how medical waste and faecal waste equally managed.

Study design/Methodology and tools

The mentioned survey will conducted in Khulna, Jhenaidah and Kushtia. About 200 health institutes are operating in these towns. Our study will cover all health institutes under mentioned 3 Districts and data have to collect from premises level. We have Akvo Flow Tools for data collection linking with our impact indicators (What we did in Gazipur, Jashore and Benoapole). Data collection method will automated, consultant can use Tab for online/digitally data collection. Consultant will responsible for data syntax and cleaning. Report will reflect all eight SNV UrbanSan Programme impact indicators.   

The Consultant(s) expected to deliver a comprehensive and high quality analytical report of CWISE three towns and five Keynote including PPT (with qualitative and quantitative reflection ) on mentioned assignment:

  • Detailed study protocol - setting out data collection methodology as it ToR/revised, design, plan, ethics, data management and accompanying a set of AkvoFlow tools;
  • Inception report (both digital copy and hard copy) of the assignment;
  • Review relevant secondary documents, study, reports of the programme;
  • Photograph of all events of the study (Soft Copy);
  • Three different final reports for Khulna, Kushtia and Jhenaidah ( with qualitative and quantitative reflection)
  • Five Keynote ( both text mode and PPT) on FSM context in health institutes ( Jashore and Gazipure keynote will be based on baseline study that already done, Benapole will unify with Jashore) based on findings;
  • Keynote presentation in five Districts in five different consultation meeting. (SNV will arranged 5 consultation meeting, Cosultant will attend in the meeting with his/her own arrangement);
  • Incorporate all feedback from consultation meeting in all reports and keynotes ;
  • The final report should include- Data, infographic, chart, framework, method, recommendations and action plan.    


Urban Sanitation Programme (CWISE)

  • Provide support to introduce with LGIs and Health Authority;
  • Support to provide programme documents ;
  • Provide assistance on the study set up and design, and provide feedback when needed;
  • Provide Akvo Flow tools and access on Acvo Flow;
  • Pay the consultancy fee and costs related to the study (within the budget to be agreed upon by SNV and consultant/s);
  • Assist to meet with local stakeholders;
  • SNV will arranged 5 Consultation meeting in five Districts (Khulna, Kushtia, Jhenaidah, Gazipur and Jashore)
  • Provide other input and assistance as appropriate.


  • Lead the study conduction in three (Khulna, Jhenaidah and Kushtia) Districts,
  • Responsible for the enumerators recruitment with the approval from SNV;
  • Data collection from health institutes level;
  • Data syntax and cleaning, data analysis (for three district)
  • Key note develop for 5 towns ( Gazipur and Jashore baseline already done in same way as mentioned in methodology )
  • Consultant/s will bear any expenditure related to the study;
  • Supervise enumerators, data collection and ensure quality, consistency of collected information;
  • Arrange for taking quality photograph for all events of study;
  • Key note presentation in 5 Consultation meeting (Arranged By SNV)
  • Finalize report incorporating all findings from consultation meeting;


The total duration of the assignment will be for six (6) weeks after signing of the contract. Commencement of the service is expect to start by end of August 2019. (5 Consultation workshops is excluded with timeline)

Implementation arrangements

The consultant will report to the WASH Sector Leader, Bangladesh (SNV UrbanSan Programme) for each of the deliverables, and will work closely with the BCC Advisor (CWISE) for day to day reporting, and with other team members and respective city authority and health authority under working areas.

Payment will be made to the agreed account in 4 steps upon receiving of invoice 1) 20% after submission of inception report 2) 40% after receiving 3 draft report, 5 Keynote and PPT and 3) 20 % after keynote presentation in 5 districts (arranged by SNV) 4) 20% after approval of the final report. VAT and Tax will deducted as per government policy.


The consultant/s (individuals or agencies) should be a highly experienced professional in the field of  study, must have knowledge on Akvo Flow tools and operation, preferably with a focus on public health, sanitation and hygiene. The consultant should have experience in leading and facilitating Consultation workshop and keynote presentation, should be fluent in Bengali and English.


Interested parties are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals separately with the details organisational profiles, relevant experience especially on Akvo Flow tools, methodology including activities and milestones, budget details, time frame and CVs of focal person.

Electronic copy of the proposal duly signed should be submitted to bangladesh@snv.org  with the subject line: Conduct sanitation survey among all health institutes (GoB/Private) using Akvo Flow tools by no later than 21 July 2019.

For any query related to the ToR, please email to SAM Husain, BCC Advisor Email: shusain@snv.org to keep CC bangladesh@snv.org