Request for Proposal

Hiring Monitoring Framework Consultants

Khulna City Corporation (KCC) is the 3rd largest city of Bangladesh, situated in the south-west coastal area of the country. There are 31 wards in KCC with about 1.77 million people living in the city as a whole (GCRF, 2018), but 40% of them live under the poverty line (ADB, 2011). Most of these poor households of KCC live in the densely populated slums (CUS, 2005; CUS, 2011) that are being built in private lands by the landlords or built-in unauthorized government lands by the influential without proper planning, without ensuring utility services and without permission by the Khulna Development Authority (KDA) due to lack of governance. 45% of the households and their toilets are connected to the drains illegally due to ineffective WATSAN standing committee of KCC and effective monitoring mechanisms by KCC and Ward councilors’ offices, Department of Public Health Engineering Department (DPHE) and Department of Environment (DoE). On the other hand, citizens do not understand their responsibilities as a citizen.

'Environmental Resilience Building with Citizens’ Needs under Khulna City Corporation of Bangladesh, a 2.2 year initiative under Promoting Advocacy and Rights Activity, funded by USAID and FCDO, and technical assistance by Counterpart International. Project commenced in May 2021 and will come to end in February 2023which will be implemented by Shushilan Consortium. Project location is in the Khulna City Corporation of Bangladesh, in two Ward (sub districts) under KCC.
As part of this project, will need to prepare an effective monitoring framework based on the properly identification of the problems and policy gaps on WATSAN, drainage and waste management services of Khulna City Corporation.  Khulna City Corporation, Khulna Development Authority, Department of Public Health Engineering Department, Department of Environment will use the developed monitoring framework and they will take decision how they will use/apply this framework.

As a sub-grantee (local partner NGO), Shushilan implements a portfolio of activities under 'Environmental Resilience Building with Citizens’ Needs under Khulna City Corporation of Bangladesh project andis requesting for Technical&Financialproposal on hiring Monitoring Framework Consultants

The competent individuals/Organizations are requested to submitProposal which include Technical Proposal,Financial proposal, Organizational profile and legal documents (Trade license, VAT & TAX certificates, Mushak-6.3 ,Related Experience)as per below linked ToRby e-mail attachment to: or hard copy to: Head of HR Cell, Shushilan, House#155, Jalil Sharoni, Rayermahol Part, Boyra, Khulna. Within or before 20 June 2021

For detailed information, please see the Terms of Reference (ToR).