Hiring consultant/consulting firm to develop and adapt context specific parenting education guidebook and facilitator’s handbook for community-based parenting facilitators, school teachers and parents from both the Rohingya and host communities in Cox’s Bazar to enable learning opportunities for parents and caregivers (particularly adolescents and youth) who, in turn, support children’s development and learning.

Since this large-scale outbreak of violence in Rakhine state of Myanmer, over 738,000 Rohingya refugees, 55% children, have crossed the border into Bangladesh to find safety. Combined with the pre-existing Rohingya refugees in the country, the total refugee population that remains displaced (in formal and informal camps around Cox’s Bazar) amounts to approximately 907,199 (52% women and girls). The concentration of refugees in Cox’s Bazar is amongst the densest in the world and refugees are living in camps and settlements that are highly vulnerable to cyclones, rain and fire.

In this situation, Plan International Bangladesh’s education in emergencies programme is aligned with the education objectives of the 2019 Joint Response Plan (JRP) aimed at improving equitable access, the quality of teaching and learning and increasing community participation and engagement in education. Plan is actively participating in and contributing to the JRP process in 2019. Furthermore, Plan is the Implementation Partner of UNESCO for implementation of “Community Engagement through parenting education” and “System Strengthening” components of “Cox’s Bazar Education Support Programme”.  The proposed action is in line with the priorities and objectives of the 2019 JRP, specifically objective 3: Increase refugee and host community participation and engagement in the education of children and youth.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop and adapt context specific facilitator’s handbook and parenting education guidebook for community-based parenting facilitators and school teachers from both Rohingya and host communities to enable learning opportunities for parents and caregivers (particularly adolescents and youth) that, in turn, support the development and learning of girls and boys and children with disabilities. To develop the manuals a consultant/consulting firm will be engaged on behalf of Plan International Bangladesh as per this Terms of Reference (TOR).

Submission of Proposal

Interested consultant/consulting firms are requested to submit a technical and a financial proposal through email at Planbd.consultant.hiring@plan-international.org with a cover letter addressing the Operation Manager, Cox’s Bazar Project Office, Plan International Bangladesh. The deadline of proposal submission is the 15th May 2019.

Terms of Reference (TOR)

Terms of Reference (TOR) can be downloaded from this link. For any clarification related with project and research please contact Md.Shahidul Islam: shahidul.islam@plan-international.org