Hiring consultant/consulting firm for end line study in the project titled “Strengthening the child protection prevention and response mechanisms for children at-risk to - or survivors of -violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in Rohingya Camps and host communities.”

According to the 2019 JRP, overall, there are 950,000 Rohingya’s  and host community members in need of Protection (52 per cent women and girls), including over 610,000 people in need of GBV prevention and response services; and 284,119 Rohingya’s children and 50,000 host community children in need of child protection support.

Children, because of their physical development, age, and relative vulnerability  remain one of the most at-risk groups. Girls and boys are particularly vulnerable to a range of protection issues; the most urgent that need to be addressed include psychosocial distress, sexual and physical violence, family separation, child labour, child marriage, trafficking and sexual exploitation. Adolescents face additional risks, exacerbated by the absence of education, lack of life skills education and safe livelihood opportunities, and, by their limited participation in decision-making.

Due to the specific needs and risks that children and adolescents face, the next phase of implementation will focus on mitigating the impact of harm due to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation, address the detrimental psychosocial impact on children and contribute to strengthening the protective environment. The project is build on the below modes of intervention:

Case Management, Psychosocial Support Services (PSS),  Life skills, Strengthening Community Based Child Protection Committees (CBCPCs), Foundational Skills (basic literacy and numeracy) and Vocational Skills/ Occupational Soft Skills package.
The project is currently ongoing in camp and host communities, and a project End line evaluation will be conducted in such area in 02 camps and host community until 25 December’20

For this assignment, in order to measure the impact of the project the consultant is expected to develop an appropriate methodology and to find out based on the prescribed indicators of the project to understand the achievement in different outcome level indicators.

Submission of Proposal

Interested consultant/consulting firms are requested to submit a technical and a financial proposal through email at Planbd.consultant.hiring@plan-international.org with a cover letter addressing the Operations Manager, Cox’s Bazar Project Office, Plan International Bangladesh. The deadline of proposal submission is the 26 November 2020

Terms of Reference (TOR)

Terms of Reference (TOR) can be downloaded from this link. For any clarification related with project and research please contact Abdul Hannan: Abdul.Hannan@plan-international.org