Programme for Helpless and Lagged Societies

Terms of Reference (ToR)
Consultant Hiring to Develop Procurement and Storage Policy


PHALS (Programme for Helpless and Lagged Societies) is a home grown local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) started its journey in Cox’s Bazar district since 1992, latter got registration from Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh in 1996, from NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh in 1999. PHALS jointly working with GO/NGO and INGO to empower and protect the less privileged, marginalized vulnerable communities and surrounding environment through multidimensional development interventions.

PHALS, as a sub-grantee of the BRAC Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme (HCMP), has been implementing a project entitled “Humanitarian assistance for Rohingya and host communities in Bangladesh” at Palongkhali Union of Ukhiya and Whykong Union ofTeknaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh. The project activities have been developed and designed in a way to strengthening protection of women, capacity building of vulnerable women for strengthening livelihood, building social cohesion, activating the role of women and disability inclusion with a particular focus on gender mainstreaming among the host communities in Cox’s Bazar. It is notable that this project has been implemented under a three-year (2nd March 2020 – 1st March 2023) project entitled, “Humanitarian Response for Rohingya and Host Community in Cox’s Bazar” with financial assistance of Australian Aid. Thereafter, according to the project design, PHALS is looking for a qualified consultant to Develop Procurement and Storage Policy of the organization.


The overall objective is to maximize the Value for Money (VFM) in the acquisition of goods, services and works through fair, open and transparent purchasing practices which comply with all applicable legislation and trade agreements, resulting in the highest quality service delivery.

Moreover, the aim of the policy is to improve internal control system for the purchasing of goods, services and works and, is to ensure orders are handled by individuals having skills in evaluating what purchases are required from suppliers offering the best deals, to ensure purchases made do not exceed the budget provided and to ensure purchased goods and services conform with the quantity and price specified in the order.

According to Discussion oriented Organizational Self-Assessment (DOSA) report, the capacity building activities for PHALS focus on institutional support, such as development and improvement of organizational operational manuals, procedures etc. For this purpose, PHALS requires the service of a consultancy to develop a comprehensive procurement and storage policy. 

The specific objectives of the policy are as under:

  • To narrate the principles (such as-Code of conduct, Conflict of Interest, Fair Competition, Value for Money, Transparency, Public Accountability, Anti-Corruption etc.) which should be adhered to in the procurement of goods, services and works;
  • To elaborate the need for efficient and transparent procurement and effective organizational storage process;
  • To specify various types of procurement procedures (like methodology, purchase requisitions, procurement committee and roles of committee etc.) ;
  • To elaborate contact category, thresholds and the affiliated procurement procedures and tendering process;
  • To elaborate the formulation of  procurement planning process and methods and general conditions;
  • To provide guideline about the requirement of technical specifications and terms of reference, procurement documentation, contractual documents, validity period of the quote, proposal and tender, applicable law, settlement of disputes;
  • To indicate appropriate levels of transparency and efficiency through standards and guidelines; 
  • To guarantee adherence to donor specific requirement regarding procurement and storage.


Consultant will work closely with PHALS management as the designated contact point in setting up meetings, exchanging information, providing documentation. Furthermore, the consultant will prepare an inception report/proposal prior to the commencement of the developing partner procurement and storage capacity. The inception report/proposal will present the proposed methodology of assessing partner existing capacity; propose need based training/orientation on procurement and proposed timetable for the entire process for the assignment.


Based on the consultant’s experience, knowledge of best practices and the sector’s new
guidance and requirements, the consultant(s) will:

  • Review existing PHALS Procurement Policy and storage system;
  • Gather information (via documents or interviews with PHALS staff, EC members and relevant other stakeholders);
  • Desk based policy and engaging with relevant international and national polices and documents.

Expected Deliverables and Output

The consultant should submit following key deliverables,

  • A holistic procurement and storage policy for PHALS;
  • Inception report: Outlining details of activities with proposed methodology ;
  • Drafting procurement and storage policy and procedures based on DOSA assessment on PHALS; and
  • Standard operating procedures and toolkit to ensure that procurement and storage processes and standards are also upheld for PHALS staff, and vendors/suppliers.

Skills and Competencies

PHALS is looking for an experienced consultant who will closely work with PHALS Executive Committee members, staffs to develop standard and effective procurement and storage policy. Consultant will be selected based upon their expression of interest, budget and CV. The marking system is as follows:

  • Extensive work experience (at least 5 years) and proven record in procurement management;
  • Demonstrate experience of having undertaken similar assignments;
  • Good analytical and documentation/report writing skills;
  • Proven communication and facilitation skills;
  • Excellent command of oral and written English; and
  • Familiarity with Cox’s Bazar context.





  • Desk review of existing documents including relevant policies
  • Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Develop first draft policy
1-7 days
Share and get feedback from JNUS
  • Share draft procurement and storage policy with PHALS EC members, staff for getting their feedback on this draft policy, then incorporate feedback in the policy.
8-15 days
Final Reporting
  • Finalize the procurement and storage policy and submit to PHALS
16-25 days

The Expression of Interest (EOI)

The EOI should include:

  1. Contact details;
  2. Copy of TIN certificate;
  3. Up to date and detailed CV of consultant with brief description on similar assignments; and
  4. A clear overview of how this work will be approached, the methodology proposed and the outputs generated, with a clear timeline for each of the specific activity.

General terms and conditions

  1. PHALS reserve the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any verbal and/or written rationale;
  2. All report and documents prepared during the assignment will be treated as PHALS property.
  3. The reports/documents or any part, therefore, cannot be sold, used and reproduced in any manner without prior written approval of PHALS; PHALS or its representatives reserve the right to monitor the quality and progress of the work during the assignment.

Key contact person from PHALS

Capacity Building Manager of PHALS will be the key contact person guided by ED, PHALS of the total assignment.

Mode of payment*

# Deliverable Payment (%)
1 Upon signing the agreement 30%
2 Upon delivery of the first draft procurement and storage policy 30%
3 Upon delivery of the final procurement and storage policy 40%

Applicable Tax and VAT will be deducted at source as per government rules.

How to apply

Please quote “Procurement and Storage Policy- PHALS” on the subject line. Applications should be emailed to reach not later than 15 September 2021 at 5.00 P.M Bangladesh time.