Request for Proposal (RFP)

Develop a standard operating procedure for sexual and reproductive health services for Transgender community

Pathfinder International is implementing the USAID Accelerating Universal Access to Family Planning (AUAFP), also known as Shukhi Jibon, to improve health and human capital in Bangladesh. Gender and gender-based violence is one of the key program elements of the project. Shukhi Jibon supports the Government of Bangladesh’s Gender and GBV strategies and policies. The project recently conducted a landscape analysis on reproductive health services for the transgender community to explore how increase their access to services given that since 2013 Hijras (also known as third gender) have been recognized as a separate gender by the GOB. A survey by the Ministry of Social Welfare indicated that as of 2013 there are more than 10,000 registered third gender in the country but other surveys have estimated there are up at 500,000 Hijras in Bangladesh 1. Hijras are frequently subjected to violence, discrimination, and inequality; and treated as outcasts they are often targets of human right violations.
The landscape analysis showed that there are multi-faceted gaps in ensuring Hijra communities have access to adequate healthcare and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for their wellbeing. As citizens, Hijra individuals continue to be deprived from adequate healthcare, which is a basic right for all citizens of Bangladesh, irrespective of their position in society. There is no guideline for service provision to the Transgender Community in health facilities and facility providers and managers also are not aware of their services fully.

Shukhi Jibon will support the development of standard operating procedure (SOP) for SRH for the transgender community that will be used by the health facilities and providers for better understanding of the health and wellbeing specially focused on SRH issues of the Transgender community.

Pathfinder International is looking for a Consultant to develop a standard operating procedure for sexual and reproductive health services for Transgender community.

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