Title Consultancy support for updating the project graduates list
Objective To update the participant list who graduated from Sudokkho supported Private Training Providers
Period May-June 2020
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Reports to MRM Coordinator

Background of Sudokkho

Sudokkho is a 5-year skill training and employment programme, funded by DFID and SDC and implemented by Palladium in a consortium with Swisscontact and the British Council.

The programme seeks to test and scale-up market-driven, quality skills training systems within the Readymade Garments (RMG) and Construction sectors that will stimulate further investment in training by trainees, private training providers and employers. The programme’s target is that 120,000 poor people, including women and disadvantage populations, will earn increased income in skilled or semi-skilled jobs after successful completion of training

The programme supports Private Training Providers (PTPs) and Industry-based Training (IBT) initiatives (supply-side stimulation),and raises awareness about the value of skills development among the trainees and industry (demand-side stimulation).

Sudokkho builds upon the TVET reform agenda in coordination with the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of the Ministry of Education (MoE). The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) supports initiatives that facilitate greater involvement of the private sector to ensure skills training is relevant and of high quality, thereby increasing post-training employment opportunities, as stipulated in the National Skills Development Policy 2011. The programme strengthens the institutional capacity and supports key functions of the Industry Skills Councils (ISC) in the concerned sectors and supports capacity building of National Training Consultancy Service Providers (TCSP) to sustain a long-term development process.

Rationale for the consultancy assignment

Sudokkho established partnership with numbers of PTP over the period of implementations, though which a total of 60,000 approx. participants graduated as yet. The project has kept the graduation record following different approach such some preserved in grants trackers, Training Measurement System (TMS) and some with financial invoices. In this year, this project intends to update/create a unique training graduation list who received training from Sudokkho assisted PTPs. The information will be extracted from different source outlined earlier to prepare this database without double counting. It should be unique number, means the participant should be counted once regardless the number of training s/he received from the Sudokkho supported PTPs over the project implementation.

The aim of the assignment is to developing graduation database without double counting by extracting information from sporadic sources e.g. grants trackers, TMS and financial invoices. The objectives of the assignment as defined in this Terms of Reference (TOR) (hereinafter referred to as the “Assignment”) are as follows:

  • To develop the graduation database from the existing sources as stated earlier, what should be disaggregated by gender, age and disability to the extent possible
  • Handover the database in access/excel form to the MRM unit.

Methods, key duties and tasks

The selected consultant firm will undertake this   assignment as and when necessary under the detailed workplan. In consultation with MRM unit, the selected consultant(s)/ firm will design overall approach of this given tasks The selected consultant/research firm must have access to the necessary sources  and recruit data management specialist(s) who is/are experienced in dealing with data, developing data based, creating and managing huge bulk of project data and so on.  

Deliverables and reporting

For the assignment, followings may need to be delivered:

  • Soft copy of the updated graduation list who received training from project PTP, which should be unique number double counting
  • At the end of the assignment, the consultant/ firm must submit a brief completion report includes approaches, challenges encountered and recommendation

Technical direction

Sudokkho’s MRM unit will provide any required technical direction to the selected firm during the implementation of the assignment. Sudokkho reserves all rights to change any terms and conditions as required.
Time schedule with Level of Effort (LOE)

Meeting with Sudokkho MRM unit
1-4 day
Prepare plan with GANTT chart and share with MRM
2 days
Extracting the list from various sources and updating the database
25 days
Handover the updated graduation list (soft copy) with succinct Report
2 days

Consultancy proposal

Interested consultant/ firm should submit a technical and financial proposal.
The technical proposal should include:

  • CV(s) of relevant personnel; specially who will lead the tasks;
  • S/he (TL) should have profound understanding as to database management, proven experience in dealing with survey data, training lists, and create data base using unique ID
  • Other data officer should have solid experience in handling survey data and managing database.
  • A statement elaborating how the above-mentioned methods, key duties and tasks will be addressed; and
  • A statement that elaborates an overview of relevant experience.

The financial proposal should provide:

  • Daily consultancy fees of each proposed personnel if needed; and
  • Any other relevant expenditures, if any.

Consultancy proposals may be sent via an email to info@sudokkho.org by mentioning “Consultancy support for updating graduation list ” in the subject line. The closing date is Wednesday, 15th April, 2020.

Palladium is an equal opportunity employer and invite applications from the qualified individuals regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other background.