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A Baseline Study on
Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation & Health to achieve integrated & sustainable WASH and Waste Management Service for Faridpur, Satkhira and Sakhipur Municipalities Project

FINISH Mondial Programme in Bangladesh

FINISH stands for, “Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation & Health”, that aims for sanitation for everyone through an integrated model that addresses both the demand and supply side of the sanitation challenge. FINISH a world in which people are financially included and have access to sustainable sanitation.

With a legacy of work in India and Kenya, FINISH Mondial (FM) started in 2018 to expand to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. The program works with a multi-stakeholder approach that encompasses the entire service and value chain. By mobilising the supply side of sanitation and mobilizing financial investments for the value chain, the programme creates a demand for sanitation services amongst end-users. The program promotes the awareness of the need for safe, affordable and durable sanitation services and products, based end-user demand and, and efficient construction method. Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health - FM is a strategic partnership between WASTE, Amref Flying Doctors and Aqua for All, currently being implemented in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

FINISH Mondial formally began in Bangladesh in January 2019. Implementation started a year later after signing contracts with partners. In Bangladesh, the programme is currently being implementation by BASA, Hope for the Poorest (ASA) Practical Action and Max Foundation in Faridpur, Satkhira and Sakhipur (Tangail district) municipalities and is envisaged to expand to other municipalities in the period 2020-2025.

Bangladesh has made impressive progress in the sanitation sector by almost eliminating open defecation, though it does not mean that sanitation challenges are solved as there are many unimproved toilets and faecal sludge management needs to be urgently improved. Building on previous programs from WASTE and the WASH SDG alliance, FINISH Mondial Bangladesh will have a focus on (peri-) urban and fecal sludge management. It will work closely with the WASH SDG alliance and a Sustainable Water Fund project of Practical Action. The project will begin with discussions starting with municipalities to facilitate service level agreements and lead the partnership management between cooperatives/operators and municipalities to improve toilet construction, pit-emptying and waste collection1 and fecal sludge treatment.

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