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Terms of Reference

Assignment title: Study on technical quality analysis of Solid Waste and Compost
Description: We want to hire a short term consultant and/or a consultancy firm to conduct study to assess the generation, composition and characterisation of solid waste. The study will also assess quality of compost produced from waste treatment plants.
Location: Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) Camps in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar
Duration and timing: 20 July 2020 – 19 August 2020
Number of Working Days: Selected consultant/agency will decide
Fee Rate and Total Fees: The Consultant/agency has to provide the total rate of the study with a detailed Budget Breakdown

Background and Purpose of the assignment:

Practical Action has around the decade long track record in designing and demonstrating of integrated sustainable waste management system. We have successfully demonstrated ingenious solutions and appropriate technologies for integrated waste management. We have also successfully demonstrated our ingenious solutions for faecal sludge management (FSM) and solid waste management (SWM) in the camps for FDMNs. Since November 2017, we have so far, installed 42 FSM units, 150 barrel composting units, 3 composting units include segregation units, and 3 plastic recycling plants.

The overall purpose of the study is to understand the characteristics of solid waste and also the quality of compost, which generated from the camps and managed in composting units. The study will determine the generation, types and composition, physical and chemical properties of the wastes.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Approval/endorsement from the STWG (Strategic Thematic Working Group) of ISCG (Inter Sector Coordination Group), led by UNHCR, for the study to conduct;
  2. Review the literature including technical, evaluation and project reports by the Government, UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, INGOs, local NGOs working on Solid Waste Management;
  3. Assess the generation of total solid waste, including organic, inorganic, electronic and other hazardous wastes;
  4. Assess the composition of wastes, including types of materials their percentage by weight/volume (through laboratory tests);
  5. Assess the physical and chemical characteristics of solid wastes, which are being generated in different camps;
  6. Assess the quality of waste recycled compost especially nutrient and presence of heavy metal and pathogen.

Outputs and deliverables:

  1. A report with agreed outline
    Submission of the draft report has to be made, at least 7 working days before, the end of the contract. The final report should be submitted at least two working days prior to contract end date.
  2. A PPT presentation also to be submitted before the final report.

Methodology: Bidders are requested to propose study methodology and day wise work plan. Selected consultant/firms need to mobilise their required staffs/researchers/associates for conducting this study.

Budget: BTD 950,000 (including VAT, Tax and other related fees of government (if applicable)

Terms of Payment: 25% payment will be made on the contract signing date, 45% after providing the first draft of the study report, and rest 30% payment will be made upon receiving the final report approved by PA. All payment will be made following PA’s procurement policy.

Resignation and Cancellation/Termination of contract

  1. Penalty Clause – In case of delays in the submission of the document, a 2% penalty will be deducted from the total remuneration.
  2. The employment may be cancelled/terminated by either party as mutual agreement giving reasonable time. The services of the consultant will be governed by the Human Resource & Administration policy of Practical Action Bangladesh, as applicable for a consultant.

Proposal submission Date: 18 July 2020

Submission Address:

Contact Person: Mehrab Ul Goni, Manager – Advocacy & Partnership; Cell: 01714396130