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Data Service Provider (DSP) of Index based Insurance

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Oxfam in Bangladesh is looking for a qualified Consultant or a Consultancy Firm to “Data Service Provider (DSP) of Index based Insurance.”. We are inviting for proposal from interested consultancy firm/individual to undertake this assignment.


Enhancing resilience against climate risks is very crucial. Therefore, the World Food Programme (WFP) and Oxfam Bangladesh are eager for integrating risk transfer solutions such as insurance products that could benefit directly or indirectly of smallholder farmers and the most vulnerable households. The broader objective of this approach will be to gather evidences on climate risks, share knowledge with government and incentivise private sectors as an active partner to roll out the learning.

The Government of Bangladesh is ready and willing to enhance access to insurance for all. According to statement of the honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the Global Micro-insurance 2019 “Micro-insurance mechanism if geared to tackle the situations arising out of climate hazards will go a long way to address the needs of the millions living mainly at the lower rung of the society”.

Objective of this ToR is to determine extreme climate events, critical flood level and flood inundation level in the selected zones of Kurigram district for fixation of insurance premium and pay-outs to the affected people. Extreme climate events are related with temperatures such as less rainfall, heavy rainfall, drought, cold wave etc.


Data Service Provider(DSP) will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Prepare the list of Historical Events in Chilmari and Kurigram Sadar Upazila under Kurigram Disrict and corroborate the events using following datasets:
    • Weather Data– Historical and Real Time, A Excisable Web based Portal should be available for all stakeholders
    • Remote sensing inputs
    • Water level data collection on the flood plain at selected area
    • Cross section and spot level survey on rivers
    • River flow data and inundation data
    • Loan loss data from MFI
  2. Data Service Provider (DSP) will provide remotely sensed data/information, evidence and data analytics related to Hydro-meteorology, Agrometeorology, Agronomy and application specific climate services using numerical modeling systems
  3. Monitoring, maintenance, trouble shooting, calibration, validation and related services for different hydro-meteorological observation sensors.
  4. Develop software and hazard models of data generation, data analysis, assessment and reporting for financial remediation scheme e.g. insurances on flood and extreme climate events.
  5. Conduct field level survey and data collection, using appropriate machinery apparatus, tools and things necessary for data management and information sharing.
  6. Collect and process relevant field and secondary data, information, reports, and documents, and review of the most updated past studies; provide necessary data whenever it requires for the sake of Climate Risk Insurance (CRI) project.
  7. Data Service Provider will install gauges (if require) at village/union to collect primary data on through measurement of hydrometric data from Rivers passing through the working area; will collect Cross- sections and Spot level data on project locations.
  8. DSP will generate flood inundation maps for historical flood events and validate with available satellite images.
  9. DSP will conduct model simulation and data generation for defined insurance coverage period on daily basis during the specific season of the year.
  10. DSP will share maps, charts, half yearly reports, annual reports and provide technical assistance to project partners/ Micro- Finance Institutions (MFI)/Insurance company's concern officials for successful implementation of the project.
  11. DSP will prepare profile on Loan Loss and asset loss with available information of all sources including partner MFI.
  12. DSP will support to prepare parametric insurance indices with payoff matrix based on probability and damage ratio.
  13. DSP provide data support for product designing and pricing with insurance companies; and must have a data portal.
  14. The DSP will orient/ train the MFIs/ WFP/ Oxfam and relevant stakeholders on the operation and awareness building.

Please refer to the detailed ToR (Click here) for this assignment.

Proposal submission Instruction:

The individual/firm must submit the following documents along with Technical & Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should include 15% VAT ONLY. Oxfam will deduct Income Tax and VAT as per government rules and policy at source from the agreed consultancy amount for national consultant and firms.

For Individual Consultant

  • Maximum 2 pages’ profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contract person and mobile number along with detailed CV;
  • TIN certificate and any other relevant document (if necessary).

For Consultancy Firm

  • Maximum 2 pages’ Firm profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contract person and mobile number;
  • Lead Consultant’s (who will lead the assignment) Maximum 2 pages CV highlighting related assignment completed, role in of the completed assignment;
  • Other Team members’ (who will involve in the assignment) one paragraph short CV highlighting related assignment completed and role;
  • Firm’s Certificate, TIN and VAT registration.

Please mention the assignment title “Data Service Provider (DSP) of Index based Insurance” in the subject line during application via below mentioned email submit following two separate pdf files -

  • Financial proposal
  • Technical proposal should include Cover page, Table of content, understand of the assignment (pls. don’t copy & paste), experience in handling similar assignments, a work-plan, methodology, Certificate, TIN and VAT registration to

Proposal submission deadline: 18 January 2020

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