Invitation for Feasibility Study

NETZ Partnership for Development and Justice (short: NETZ) is a non-governmental charitable organisation registered in Germany and Bangladesh. Since 1989, NETZ together with local partner organisations supports self-help for education, human rights and sustainable livelihoods of extreme poor people.

NETZ and its partner organisations are designing a new programme that will contribute to combat impacts of climate change in severely affected areas and to climate protection measures. Major objectives of the programme are to strengthen climate resilient income measures as well as resilience and adaptive capacities of the poorest population groups. It aims at improving the skills and preconditions for the target group to claim their rights in the context of climate change and to sustainably overcome the economic consequences of the pandemic in rural areas.

To establish a sound basis for the conceptual development of the above-mentioned planned programme, a feasibility study shall be conducted. The study shall assess the feasibility of the planned programme intervention by analysing whether they are well founded and meet the demands of the target groups and takes all possible opportunities and risks into account. At the same time, it shall assess the planned programme’s relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability (DAC criteria).

The primary users and beneficiaries of the results of the feasibility study are four local implementing partner organisations and NETZ for improvement of the planned programme intervention. The feasibility study will be handed-in to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) along with the programme proposal.

Interested candidates are requested to submit a technical proposal (not more than 2 pages), a financial planning (not more than 1 page) and most recent CVs of each consultants (not more than 4 pages) by 12 April 2021 in the following addresses.  The technical proposal should be made in consideration of the attached ToR.