Nari Maitree

Nari Maitree (NM) is a women-led, non-governmental organization started its journey in 1983 and since then it has completed a journey of 40 years with an experience of working in various sectors like  Health and nutrition, adolescent and youth,  Gender equality and equity , Women empowerment, Child rights, livelihood, Education, water and sanitation, Humanitarian response ,Climate change and food security.  

Programme Background:

Nari Maitree has been working in the urban context for many years with the most vulnerable and marginalized groups to improve their economic and social status by addressing the underlying issues/causes of extreme poverty. Currently, Nari Maitree is going to implement a five years’ long (2023 to 2027) livelihood graduation programme in the Dhaka South City Corporation titled: “Green Graduation Programme for Urban Extreme Poor”. The programme's overall goal is to Urban Extreme Poor households can sustainably meet their basic needs and have improved coping strategies through strengthened livelihoods which place value on the natural environment. This programme will be implemented with technical and financial support from Concern Worldwide and Irish Aid. Nari Maitree is inviting applications from qualified and committed development professionals for different positions as indicated below. All the positions will have 3 months’ probation period and all are contractual positions and are annually renewable based on funding and performance.

SL No.

Name of Positions

No. of Positions

Monthly Salary

Major Responsibilities and Qualifications


Programme Coordinator

(Reportable to ED/Program Focal Parson)


BDT. 65,000 (monthly).  

(In addition mobile bill, transportation cost and festival bonus  as per organizational policy)

Major Responsibilities:

  • The Programme Coordinator will be overall responsible for ensuring high quality implementation of all the components of Green Graduation programme following a gender transformative approach such as promotion of diversified livelihood/income options (through job-placement, micro-enterprise, urban horticulture etc.), financial inclusion, social protection and social empowerment for targeted households living in extreme poverty situations in Dhaka South City Corporation.
  • Lead and manage the tasks of a diversified programme team efficiently and provide guidance to the team in re-designing of programme interventions based on field assessments in collaboration with technical staff members.
  • Contribute to assessment and adaptation of Green Graduation programme in the Urban Context including providing technical support to the programme team for selection of right households following agreed selection criteria and process.
  • Manage programme budget, track expenses and will ensure efficient and effective management of financial and programme resources.
  • Support internal and external activities related to the programme including donor reviews stakeholders meeting, and learning events.
  • Lead and guide the team to set up linkages and partnerships with local government stakeholders, financial institutions, NGOs, local elites and/or religious leaders etc.
  • Represent the organization in the forums/meetings with LEBs and local administration such as with DC Offices, NGOAB, City Corporation, Law Enforcement Agencies etc.
  • Provide strategic and technical guidance and administrative support to the programme team.
  • Regularly analyse risk factors including but not limited to urban disaster (fire, water logging, eviction, GBV/VAWG etc.) and will take necessary actions to mitigate potential negative consequences.
  • Ensure CRM process are in place in the programme interventions area and functioning the process.
  • Ensure preparation and submission of all types of reporting, documentation; capture best practices and recommend for further improvement of programme quality.

Educational qualifications and other requirements: 

  • Master’s Degree in any discipline preferably in Social Sciences /Development Studies/ Anthropology/ Economics from any govt. approved university.  (The academic qualification could be relaxed for candidates bringing 8-10 years of experience in livelihood programmes in the urban context).
  • A minimum of 5 years working experience of managing/leading multi-sectoral livelihood/graduation programme in a National/International organization as a Programme Manager/Coordinator.
  • Strong reporting and monitoring skills in line with the requirements of donors.
  • Good written and oral communications skills in English and Bengali
  • Computer literacy, including the ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong knowledge and understanding on gender, inclusion and equality.
  • Solid knowledge and experience on administrative & financial management and policy compliances.
  • Programme has allocation for Motor Cycle for this position and provisions of providing driving training who are interested.

Line Management: This position will be responsible for managing the tasks of six direct reports.


Fund Raising and Job placement officer
(Reportable to PC/ED)


BDT. 35,000 (monthly).  

(In addition mobile bill , transportation cost and festival bonus  as per organizational policy)

Major Responsibilities:

  • Pro-actively explore funding opportunities in the context of Bangladesh following organizational guidelines.
  • Draft programme proposal/ PCN(s) for different donors/private sectors /individuals etc. as a part of fund raising.
  • Contribute to development of fund raising guideline/strategies/plan for the organization.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationship with local individual /companies/organizations.
  • Support programme participants for ensuring access to the job market.
  • Maintain records of efficient and accountable use of income generated from fund raising and timely acknowledge and keep donors updated.
  • Coordinate and establish networking and relationship with relevant job providers and employers’ association(s).
  • Develop fund raising tool kit for the donors/private sector/ individuals.
  • Closely work with programme team to develop IEC materials amplifying the needs of extreme poor to showcase/share with potential donor(s).

Educational qualifications and other requirements: 
Master’s Degree in any discipline from any govt. approved University.

Additional Requirements:

  • A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in relevant field.
  • The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills both in English & Bangla.
  • Good leadership and interpersonal communication skills, willing to work in a team approach.
  • Proven experience of good report writing and documentation skills etc.

(Reportable to PC)


BDT.  35,000           (monthly).

(In addition mobile bill , transportation cost and Festival bonus  as per organizational policy)

Major Responsibilities:

  • Support to the overall programme planning and implementation of the interventions in addition to targeting and verification of participants/households selected for Green Graduation programme.
  • Provide necessary technical guidance, supportive supervision and monitor the tasks of Graduation Mentors to help achieving overall programme goal and objectives.
  • Ensure facilitation to mobilization of communities and other stakeholders.
  • Oversee Green Graduation interventions and ensure effective and timely delivery of tasks assigned to Graduation Mentors.
  • Ensure routine monitoring and cross verification at household levels on the progress against input and output targets, provide necessary feedback/suggestions to respective Graduation Mentors to initiate corrective measures for further improvement. 
  • Contribute to development of training curriculum/guidelines and train Graduation Mentors on programme implementation processes, including mobilization of communities and relevant stakeholders.
  • Identify services available around nutrition, health, education, social safety nets and connect programme HHs with support from community volunteers, local leaders and elected bodies.
  • Regularly review and monitor data, provide feedback to ensure progress against plan and for further improving programme quality. 
  • Liaise regularly with field   level staff and Senior Management about programme progress,      challenges and learning for management decisions.
  • Establish linkages and coordinate with relevant government and non-government stakeholders to leverage support/services for programme participants.
  • Represent the programme and organization in the local administration e.g. Ward Councillor’s Offices, DC Offices, City Corporations, and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Rapport building with targeted communities and stakeholders.
  • Programme has allocation for Motor Cycle for this position and provisions of providing driving training who are interested.

Educational qualifications, required skills and experiences: 

  • Master’s degree in Social Science or any discipline from govt. approved University however, persons having extensive experience educational qualification may be flexible.

Experience –

  • At least 3-4   years’ of experience in similar position under multi-sectoral livelihood/graduation programmes

Skills -

  • Staff management skills
  • IT skills – sound knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point etc.
  • Ability to work under pressure with a team.
  • Programme has allocation for Motor Cycle for this position and provisions of providing driving training who are interested.

Monitoring Officer
(Reportable to PC)


BDT. 35,000          (monthly).

(In addition mobile bill , transportation cost and festival bonus  as per organizational policy )

Major Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the delivery of a high-quality programme that contributes to achieving the goal and objectives of the Green Graduation programme.
  • Support Programme Coordinator in designing tools and collection, compilation and management of M&E data to help management decision.
  • Support programme field staff to collect activity and output level monitoring data using prescribed tools.
  • Ensure agreed M&E system in place and are being implemented according to the plan.
  • Support training for external enumerators or partner staff that conduct baseline, mid line  and end line surveys (following standard ethics of sampling, respondent selection, device usage and survey contents)
  • Analyse MIS data to identify areas of improvement that includes updating the MEAL plan as and when required
  • Facilitate periodic quality assessments such as collection of annual outcome monitoring data using DDG.
  • Support compilation data and preparation of periodic reports, documents and presentations per requirements of the programme.

Educational qualifications:
Master’s Degree in statistics or any other relevant discipline from the govt. approved University. 

Additional Requirements
Experience –

  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience

Skills -

  • Strong capability to measure and monitor both the progress and process of complex development programmes.
  • Prior experience in planning and training facilitation skills.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and a good team player.
  • Knowledge and skills of operating Microsoft Word, Excel, KOBO etc.
  • Report writing skills both in English and Bengali.
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage workload effectively.
  • Programme has allocation for Motor Cycle for this position and provisions of providing driving training who are interested.

Accounts Officer
(Reportable to Finance Director/PC)


BDT.  35,000 (monthly)
(In addition mobile bill, transportation cost and festival bonus  as per organizational policy)

Major Responsibilities:

  • Ensure timely and accurate monthly and year-end accounts closures, including bank reconciliation, and other related documentation, and submit to HO within the deadlines.
  • Implement financial policies, procedures, and requirements, as well as ensure that all financial activities adhere to organization and donor guidelines.
  • Prepare budget analysis and disbursement report in accordance with the programme budget activity line, and prepare a monthly expenditure report and forecasts in consultation with the programme coordinator and the Head of Finance and Accounts.
  • Maintain and update books of accounts and other financial documents
  • Verify all types of financial transactions, bills and ensure payment. Provide any other financial management-related assistance as & when required during programme implementation.
  • Deduct and deposit VAT/Tax as per govt. compliance and deposit to govt. exchequer 
  • Assist in ensuring that audit observations and recommendations are followed up on in a timely and effective manner.
  • Prepare and review bills/vouchers in accordance with the cash disbursement voucher, cash receipt voucher, adjustment voucher, and other pertinent documentation.
  • Prepare and review programme staff’s monthly payroll and disburse to the appropriate bank account.
  • Ensure that the policies and procedures, and approved budget is followed for all types of procurement. Collect quotations, organize tenders, and prepare bid summaries and Purchase Orders (PO) as needed
  • Oversee office functions and ensure efficient use of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and telephone.
  • Ensure all kinds of administrative/ logistics support during training/ workshops and office operations
  • Ensure the preparation of programme agreements with various suppliers/vendors.

Additional Requirements:

  • Graduation or Post Graduation in Finance/ Accounting
  • Skills Required: Advanced knowledge of MS Excel, Computer Skills, Data Analysis, Accounting Management System, and Report Writing.
  • A minimum of 5 years of practical experience in the relevant field;
  • Proven experience in maintaining books of accounts, preparing reports, and performing other finance and accounting tasks as required.
  • Must understand the government's VAT and tax policies, as well as NGOAB regulations and other relevant compliances.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience with Microsoft Excel, Word, and financial management software.
  • Good communication skills in English (written and oral)

Graduation Mentor
(Reportable to Supervisor)


BDT.  30,000         (monthly)

(In addition mobile bill, transportation cost and festival bonus  as per organizational policy)

Major Responsibilities:

  • Actively engage in the process of identifying target programme participants following programme participants’ selection criterion and guideline. 
  • Independently take the lead to form Rotational Savings and Business Initiatives (ROSBI)/SHG groups engaging programme participants and build their capacity to generate savings/capital from within the groups.
  • Facilitate programme participants to identify best suitable income options based on their interest, capacity and viability of income options.
  • Mentor participants, boost confidence, and encourage positive domain views and coping mechanisms.
  • Help to identify household’s basic needs, guide and link with available social protection mechanisms and other government services.
  • Provide training to the programme participants on business skill development, book keeping, marketing and business planning - with particular focus on importance of business expansion and diversification.
  • Organize group meeting at agreed intervals, orient programme participants on financial literacy skills, savings habit, health, hygiene, nutrition, life skills, and equitable gender practices. 
  • Mentor, provide hand-holding support and gradually empower programme participants to profitably run their business/micro enterprises on their own.
  • Monitor participant progress through individual meetings  to ensure that they are on track to meet Graduation outcomes
  • Link participants with basic services including health, education, safety nets, and community support groups, with the guidance from Supervisors. 
  • Facilitate programme households in preparation and execution of family development plans.
  • Support and guide Community Teachers in development of numeracy and literacy skills of programme participants.
  • Gender sensitivity is fundamental to Green Graduation, staff should be comfortable addressing inequitable gender norms and promoting women’s empowerment engaging with women and men.

Educational Qualifications, skills and experiences –
Education -

  • Master’s/ Graduation from any govt. approved University

Experience –

  • A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in livelihood/graduation programme.

Skills -

  • Skills at using smart phone or tab for web-based monitoring Apps (Mentors will be oriented on Apps after recruitment)
  • Strong networking skills and ability to lead groups of women and vulnerable people.
  • Good at interpersonal communication skills and community mobilization.
  • Skills of mentoring and coaching to aware programme participants.
  • Programme has allocation for Motor Cycle for this position and provisions of providing driving training who are interested.

Support Staff
(Reportable to Accounts Officer/PC)


BDT. 17,000 ( monthly)

(In addition Mobile bill, transportation cost and Festival bonus  as per organizational policy)

Major Responsibilities:

  • She/he will ensure all sorts of the securities for inside and outside areas of the Project office premises.
  • She/he will be available all the time of the office hours in our office
  •  She/he will ensure for entrance of the program participants and project’s unexpected people.
  • She/he will close the office after ending of the office hours and open in due time
  • She/he will ensure /support Supplies all types of the correspondence from the office to other offices as and when necessary.
  • Any other responsibilities given by the PC, AO, Centre In Charge and the other appropriate authority of the concern project.  

Educational qualifications: 
Support Staff: SSC

8 Aya/cleaner
(Reportable to Accounts Officer/PC)

BDT. 12,000  (monthly)

(In addition Mobile bill, transportation cost and Festival bonus  as per organizational policy)


Major Responsibilities:

  • He/ She would work under the direct supervision of the Accounts Officer and PC.
  • He/ She would maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the office premises,
  • She/he will assist in maintenance of the Project office as well,
  • He/ She will perform any other duties given by the project authority.

Educational qualifications: 
Aya/Cleaner: VIII

Read Before Apply

Persuasion will highly be discouraged. Nari Maitree is an equal opportunity employer. Female candidates are encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Nari Maitree will right authority on this requirement process recognize, withdraw and others.

Nari Maitree   is committed to first do no harm to children or adult beneficiaries, to respect the rights of all beneficiaries, and to uphold the best interests of children as a primary consideration in all actions and decisions; accordingly all the recruits will go through specific checks and compliance procedures in accordance to its Child Safeguarding, PSEA Policy. Nari Maitree has zero tolerance towards incidents of violence or abuse against children or adults, including sexual exploitation or abuse, committed either by employees or others affiliated with our work. Nari Maitree   as women lead organization discourages anyone to apply with prior record of conviction related to child neglect, abuse and exploitation.

Apply Procedure

Interested professionals are requested to submit their CV  (including 2 reference of previous org.) along with Cover Letter (with signature) a sealed envelope, copies of NID, passport size photo image, Valid driving license (If have) on or before 5:00 PM, 14 January, 2023 to

HR & Admin
Nari Maitree
133/A & B West Agargaon,
Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207

Please mark the position on the envelope.