Mahideb Jubo Somaj Kallayan Somity (MJSKS)

Project Coordinator (PC)

No. of Vacancy: 01

MJSKS is a NGO working in Northern part of Bangladesh is looking for a qualified Project Coordinator (PC) for JTI WaSH Project.


Job Nature: Full-time

Education and Others requirement:
Masters’ Degree in Social Science or Commerce with 7-10 years managerial experiences on WaSH and Slum development experience including a minimum of two years experience in project planning and implementation at field level.

Job Summary :
The Project Coordinator fills one of the most important executive positions in the WASH project as he/she is responsible for managing a team of staff to ensure the full and efficient implementation of the project. To be successful in this job the PC will delegate key tasks to the members of his or her team, mentor them in their work, and utilize the human resources in the project's and address cross cutting issue to the team as required. H/She will also have control of the managerial, administrative and financial aspects of the project. The main responsibilities of the “Project Coordinator” is to ensure effective and successful planning, implementation of the project for water and sanitation of the project area

The PC is the part of the project's senior management team and will assist in the design of the project’s overall direction, activities and approaches - giving advice in the context of what is feasible are given the human and material resources available and the prevailing geographical and socio-economic conditions of the project targeted beneficiaries. In order to perform this role the PC should know his/her team and area well; the knowledge of the Upazila team should be built up by the regular field visits and staff supervision that from part of the on-going support to all staff. The PC should have the skill to allow staff to develop by giving them freedom to exercise their initiatives, while at the same time guiding them so that their efforts are consistent with project goals and efficient operating procedures.

Maintaining staff morale, solving disputes and upholding MJSKS’s standards policies and core values are an important part of the PCs role and s/he should lead by example in these respects. Another important task is to add to the development of, and where appropriate, implementation of strategies that will lead to the project meeting its purpose. This will involve thinking creatively about ways that the project can further empower UPs in a sustainable way and communicating these thoughts at team meetings in a coherent way. He/ She will assist in the Accountant Officer ,Technical Officer, Construction Engineer and Community Mobilizer make recommendations for improvements of project activities.

The PC will establish good relations and liaison with local administration and local government Authority, District/ Upazila DPHE Department as well as the Directors of MJSKS, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL - BANGLADESH and other service providers/stakeholders relevant to line agencies active in the area. In addition to project related tasks, the PC is responsible for complying with organization reporting requirements and procedures.

II. Responsibilities and tasks

1. Manage Upazila  Team to achieve project purpose effectively.
  • Regularly interact with all staffs to ensure that all are comfortable with the project strategy and aware of their tasks and are aware of how, individually and as a team, they contribute to achieve the overall purpose of the project.
  • Delegate areas of responsibility to the staff members to reduce duplication of effort and maximum utilization of the skills available within the team.
  • Provide regular support to all staff .
  • Give value to staff suggestions and support staff at all levels to test out new ideas with an open and curious mind and ensure that such ideas are shared with other colleagues.
  • Ensure an inclusive and transparent management style by developing higher standards for management and decision-making capacities at all staff levels
  • Conduct staff meetings, workshops and planning meeting as required and ensure that all staff are familiar with activities of other colleagues and the progress of the project in other Unions.
2. Oversee and support all aspects of project implementation ensuring water, sanitation and hygiene knowledge .
  •  Accounts Officer ,Technical Officer-Construction Engineer, Training Officer and Community Mobilizer to conduct participatory tools correctly.
  • Conduct field visit and critically analyze field activities and effects, and provide timely feedback to the concern persons.
  • Review individual work plan of Project Staff .
  • Conduct the performance appraisal process for Project staff.  Must give accurate and detailed feedback to the supervisee, receive feedback from them and develop future mutual expectations with the supervisee.
  • Call on project cross-cutting issue to staff to assist the team where necessary,
  • Guide the CM in the selection of advocacy issues and assist them in pushing their advocacy agenda forward at Union and Upazila level.
  • Ensure that existing monitoring approaches of the project are fully operational and understood by all staff through frequent field visits and discussion with staff and farmers
  • Identify constraints/challenges to project implementation in the field and assist staff to address them to HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL-BANGLADESH Co-ordination Unit on regular basis
3. Formulate operational budget and ensure effective financial management
  • With the assistance of the  Accounts Officer , Deputy Director prepare monthly, quarterly and annual project budget, including purchase requests etc.
  • Monitor project expenses, monthly, quarterly, and ensure that the expenses are consistent with the approved budget
  • Follow up on procurement related procedures, formats and documents for operation
  • Assist to prepare financial reports in a timely manner and keep financial records
  • Ensure regular entry of all financial transactions as per accounting process and cross check the documents keeping full accuracy.
  • With the assistance of other team members, ensure the procurement of community level session materials on a timely basis
4. Staff development and performance management
  • Ensure that all staff undergo the performance management process as required – giving particular support to CM in implementing APA process.
  • Conduct non-formal evaluation, mid-term review and formal annual performance appraisals for all staff.
  • Support to staff on performance management and general career development
  • Conduct regular feedback and follow-up on individual staff and create opportunities for staff to improve their performance
5. Ensure staff’s adherence to MJSKS’s  policies concerning administrative, managerial and financial procedures
  • Approve leave, process advance requests, store request, invoices/vouchers, procurement orders etc.
  • Ensure that all administrative policies and procedures are duly followed, including filing etc.
  • Ensure effective utilization of all resources, including project assets and materials.
  • Regularly see to it that all staff are being kept updated on existing and revised policies and procedures for the MJSKS as laid out in the Personnel Manual
6. Communication, networking and liaison activities
  • Maintain open and effective communication with supporting documents to UNO, UPs, DPHE, Director of MJSKS and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL-BANGLADESH as and when necessary,
  • Develop and prepare articles on the project activities and encourage staff and project beneficiaries in the community to do so.
  • Guide respective staff to organize co-ordination meetings, cross visits, training courses and workshop with the relevant LGIs, Department/NGOs
  • Prepare meeting minutes and circulate in a timely way to concerned parties
  • Circulate relevant project documents and share learning to other projects of the organizations

7. Liaison and

  • Identify potential Union and Upazila level networks/committees and support the Watch Committees to become members of the networks or committees.
  • Establish effective linkages between Community, Union, Upazila & District level service providers.
  • Arrange joint activities with the GOB and NGOs.
  • Maintain proper communication with Local Administration, Education Department, Local government, elite and resource persons
  • Visit related activities of other organizations in the area on a regular basis, keeping aware of changes and program initiatives.

8. Preparation
and submission
of all reporting

  • Organize monthly meeting and ensure staff activity report.
  • Coordinate the preparation and submission of staff monthly reports.
  • Prepare monthly reports, and quarterly monitoring report focusing learning progress of participants, opportunities and constraints

Salary Range: Monthly Tk. 38,000/- to 40,000/- with others benefits

Apply Instruction
Interested candidates are requested to apply with a complete CV with cover letter, Mobile no,   copy of educational certificates, experience certificates, 2 copies of passport size photographs National ID, name and address of two references (whom job in reputable NGOs) Email address & Mobile no, to the following address: Advertiser, Post box no-03, Main Post Office, Kurigram-5600 or .  The selected candidate should have to join immediately upon the appointment. Any form of persuasion will be considered as disqualification. This advertisement will effect of availability of donor funding.

Women are encouraged to apply

Application Deadline: 22 December, 2019

Post Box: 03, Main Post Office, Kurigram-5600
Or email address.
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