Terms of Reference for
Workload Analysis for Existing Islamic Relief Bangladesh Staff & Review staff Compensation & Benefits packages

Introduction & Background
Islamic Relief Worldwide is an independent humanitarian and development organization. Founded in 1984, with headquarters based in Birmingham, UK, have a presence in 44 countries. Inspired by Islamic values, it supports the world’s most vulnerable people in the fight against poverty and suffering. Also do this regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return. Islamic Relief has been working in Bangladesh since 1991 when it provided emergency relief and supported communities to rebuild in the wake of a devastating cyclone. Since then, it has expanded his programs to focus on both humanitarian and development challenges. More on right now Islamic Relief Bangladesh is implementing major intervention like Humanitarian & Resilience, Child Rights, and Economic Empowerment & Governance. In order to support to implement these interventions, Some Support & Program Department is actively working. The number of Employees in each Department with designation is mentioned bellows:
Department/Unit Designated Employees & Number
Management Country Director (1)
Human Resources Management & Development Coordinator HRM & Development (1), Assistant HR Officer (1), HR & front Desk Assistant (1)
Finance Finance Manager (1), Accounts Coordinator (2), Senior Accounts Officer (1), Accounts Officer (3), Assistant Accounts Officer (6),
Operation Support (Administration & Logistics) Operation Support Manager (1), Facility Management Officer (1), Senior Logistics Officer (1), Messenger & Cook (2), Driver (4)
Procurement Procurement Coordinator (1), Procurement Officer (1)
Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning Manager (1), Senior Officer (1), Officer (1)
External Relation & Communication Manager (1), Coordinator (1), Specialist (1)
IT Coordinator (1)
Head of Programmes (1)
Humanitarian & Resilience Manager (1), Deputy Manager (1), Coordinator (2), Senior Officer (1), Officer (2) & Other Project Staff (52)
Economic Empowerment & Governance Manager (1), Coordinator (1), Assistant (1), Other Project Staff (33)
Child Rights Manager (1), Specialist (1), Coordinator (1), Officer (1), Assistant Officer (1), Other project Staff (60)
About the Assignment
This Terms of Reference is prepared to engage an HR consultant in order to review the workload analysis in Bangladesh office & also review the current compensation packages in aligned with the other organization in the same development sector.  Islamic Relief Bangladesh (IRB) HRM & Development unit is trying to increase its operational productivity by doing the right things in the right way. More on HRM & Development unit is also trying to ensure effective process using efficient resources to get the desired result. In Presence there is lot of employees whose competency level & Workload is up to the mark (in some context too high for some of staff) as well as contribution to the organization is high level, but they are yet not to be remunerated competitively rather than other staff who slightly different in terms of contribution to the organization & also from the perspective of workload or linked with organizational strategy. The HR consultant will be appointing to re-adjust the organization staffing pattern through weighted workload analysis in coordination with HRM & Development Coordinator & by the by HRM & development coordinator is also ensure the staff productivity is to the up to the mark by analyzing the attribute measurement like how long the activity by the staff is performed, how much the staff contribution is provided to perform the activity & how well the activity is performed. More on HRM & development Coordinator will also reviews the compensation & benefits administration packages which is to provide by the various organizations right now to its staff in development sector & accordingly provide the recommendation to adjust the packages if needed.
Objectives of the Consultancy

The main objective of this assignment is to do the workload assessment & Review the current compensation & Benefits administration packages which are getting by the staff within the organization is aligned with other similar types of organization in the same development sector.

Specific objectives of this assignment are;

  • To understand the weighted value for each department in order to implement Islamic Relief Bangladesh’s strategies, Mission & Vision.
  • To identify the shortage or surplus staffing pattern in each department as well as analysis the Workload (Current) for each staff.
  • To do Job Evaluation & Depth understanding of present workforce’s competencies for each designation under every department.
  • To ensure the 100% utilization of staff properly.
  • To understand the current compensation & benefits packages which are to provide other organization to its staff?
  • To analyze the current compensation & benefits packages in aligned with staff workload, Departmental weighted ration, Job Evaluation & attribute measurement.
  • Compare & Contrast the compensation & benefits packages to Islamic Relief Bangladesh with other organization.
  • To design the new pay structure & do another corrective measure.
  • To identify the challenges and overcome mechanisms. 
Scope & Methodology of Work
The Individual consultant/organization will work closely with Islamic Relief Bangladesh HRM & Development Coordinator for further course of action.  The consultant and HRM & Development Coordinator will also be engaged with all the functional heads in order to the orient and explain the Islamic Relief Bangladesh overall & implementation strategies in more details as well as for also task details. The consultant and HRM & development Coordinator will be focused on below-mentioned issues as a scope & Methodology of the assignment:
  • Organizational & Context Analysis
  • Mapping Departmental Strategies, objective & Activities.
  • Content Analysis (Performance Standards, Job Demand, Logistics)
  • Task Analysis
  • Mapping HR Inventory
  • Analysis of the Present Organogram & Staffing pattern.
  • Mapping the validity of each designation to link with IRB’s strategies.
  • Mapping Job Evaluation.
  • Work Load Assessment
  • Analysis Current IRB’s Compensation/pay structure.
  • Compensation & Benefits Administration Survey to similar organization (At Least 5)
  • Compare & Contrast between the IRB’s structure & others organization.
  • Design a pay structure
The expected period for this consultancy work is approximately 30 working days from the date of agreement signing.
Deliverables/Expected Outcome
The Consultant will deliver the following outputs:
Detailed work plan along with methodology, tools, timeframe (scope of work-wise specific) of the assignment.
Report (Introduction/background/Methodology/data Collection & Analysis/Findings/Observation/Recommendation) on:
  • Job Evaluation
  • Work Load Assessment
  • Compensation & Benefits Administration Survey.
  • Compare & Contrast between the IRB’s structure & other organization.
  • Design a pay structure.
Required Skill & expertise of the consultant
The profile of HRC shall include the following specialization
Hands-on experience (Minimum 15 years) on implementing HR from Entry-Mid-Top Level in different context (NGO’s, INGO’s)
Experience of working with as HR professional International humanitarian organizations/ Service-Related organization.
Having experience as an HR consultant at least minimum 10 years for NGO’s/INGO’s/Service-related organization.
Strong interpersonal communication skills and cultural sensitivity to effectively interact with diverse staff in IRB.
Strong and proven analytical and writing skills using English to develop reports for a diverse audience.
Ability to work independently and effectively in a tight time schedule.
Application Types & process
The interested consultant is requested to send proposals (technical and Financial) including Understanding of assignment, Work plan & Details Methodology, Budget, Details CV of consultant and team & Experience certificate. Please submit your technical proposal to technicalproposal@islamicrelief-bd.org and Financial Proposals to financialproposal@islamicrelief-bd.org separately on or before October 14, 2019. It is strictly advised not to send any other document unless specified above. Violation of the clause will result in disqualification from the bid participation.
For More Information
For any further query about the assignment contact with Md. Asifur Rahman, Coordinator & In-Charge, HRM & Development Unit, Islamic Relief, Bangladesh, Tel: 9893458-Ext-255.