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Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the world’s leading agencies working in post-conflict and development contexts, supporting communities in over 40 fragile, failed and developing states. In this capacity, we work to restore safety, dignity and hope to millions who are uprooted, struggling to endure, and wishing to advance on a path of development.

The IRC has been present in Bangladesh since 2017 and obtained registration with the NGOAB in March 2018. Since then, it has moved quickly to expand its integrated emergency health and protection response through both direct and partner-based programming focused on primary healthcare, women’s protection and empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence and child protection. Recently IRC has also introduced two new programs: Protection Rule of Law (PRoL) and Education.

The IRC has recently launched its new Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for Bangladesh for FY2022-2024, aligned with IRC’s global strategy100, with the vision for Bangladesh is to protect, empower and meet the needs of the most vulnerable women, children and youth through technical expertise and partnerships in the areas of integrated protection, health, education and economic wellbeing before, during, and after displacement caused by conflict and climate induced disaster. The IRC’s response strategy has primarily targeted Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, while meeting the significant needs in both refugee and host populations, as already existing vulnerabilities are compounded with cyclical monsoon and cyclone seasons that impose additional threats to the lives and protection of those refugees as well as vulnerable host populations. IRC is growing over the time its geographic coverage within Cox’s Bazar and to other parts of the country, thus expand its’ networks and partnerships around emergency preparedness and response work, reach beyond the Rohingya refugees, also targeting the vulnerable host groups in Cox’s Bazar and other parts of Bangladesh.

Period and Place of Performance

It is expected to start the service as early as possible after necessary process by IRC. Interested individuals/firms are requested to share proposal following the below mentioned acceptance criteria requirements. Initially the service is required to produce 3 items which will require to visit IRC’s program areas. Selected individual/firm will work under the supervision of IRC’s Advocacy and Communications Specialist and meet all the requirements.

Work Requirements / Scope of works

The objective of hiring individual/firm as digital content producer for producing below items –

  1. A high-quality design of a brochure (3 page-both sides print with content) on the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) with photos and infographics (IRC to provide text). S/he or the team has to provide 3,000 printed copies (300gsm glossy paper with 4 colour print)
  2. Design of a poster on SAP (IRC to provide text). S/he or the team will provide 3 PVC print in large size (approx. 7 ft X 5 ft), and 7 standard wooden photo frames with prints in (approx. 3ft X 2ft) sticker format (to use inside of the photo frames)
  3. According to the outline provided below (necessary text will be shared by IRC communications team), develop a detailed script with story board.
  4. A 4-minute video with voice over (mix of animation and real-time footages) on SAP as per the script (Please see the details below).

N.B. Final text for factsheet and poster will be provided by IRC’s communication team

Deadline of proposal offer submission:

Interested bidders are requested to submit their proposal (both financial and technical) with necessary supporting documents mentioned above as a PDF copy through email with necessary attachments before 05.00 PM of 25th November’ 2021. After this mentioned date and time, no bid offer will be accepted.
Proposal Submission email address:

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