(Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)

The International Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC) is a private international, nonsectarian, voluntary organization providing relief, protection and resettlement services for refugees and victims of oppression or violent conflict. In partnership with various donors, the IRC is undertaking a Rohingya Emergency Response Programme in Cox’s Bazar and has a requirement for the following service:

BID Reference No

Description of Service

Offer submission deadline


Provision of Ambulance rental service.

14th April, 2021 (by 05.00 pm at IRC Cox’s Bazar Office)

A pre-bid meeting will take place in IRC Cox’s Bazar office on 25th  March 2021, ( 2.30 pm in IRC office Cox’s Bazar) where all interested bidders are invited to attend and can also ask for any clarification during the meeting.

Address of pre-bid meeting:
Cox’s Bazar IRC office address: 2nd floor & 3rd floor, Sayeman Heritage Residence, Baharchora, Cox’s Bazar.

Interested bidders are requested to download the complete tender/Request for proposal (RFP) documents visiting the link:

For any further clarification regarding Bid documents please write to us through  by 1st April, 2021.

Only Hard copy sealed after (separate envelop for technical and financial) will be acceptable by IRC office in Cox’s Bazar within by 14th April 2021 (by 05.00 pm) Bid offers will not be accepted after close of business as mentioned in above table.

Please note, IRC shall not be bound to accept the lowest prices Bid or any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification. And, all bidders are requested to follow health hygiene regulation (i.e. using mask, gloves, social distancing etc.) during preparation of bid documents and submission to IRC office.

Bid document submission Address:
The Procurement Committee
International Rescue Committee, Bangladesh
3rd floor, Sayeman Heritage Residence,
Baharchora, Cox’s Bazar