Request for Proposal (RFP)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is inviting interested Consultant for Development of a Rapid Victim Identification Toolkit for Staff and law enforcement officials in Bangladesh as per below Terms of Reference (ToR):

1. Background

Bangladesh is a major migrant-sending country, with most Bangladeshi migrants leaving to seek employment opportunities in countries as diverse as India and Malaysia and Libya, as well as European Union and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries. While many of these migrants, travel using regular migration channels, many others rely on people smugglers. Regardless of the modality of travel, Bangladeshi migrants are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking as well as the associated forms of exploitation and abuse, including commercial sexual exploitation, bonded and forced labour, forced and early marriage.

Bangladesh also hosts in Cox’s Bazar more than a million Rohingya, an even more vulnerable population that have been rendered stateless by having to flee persecution in Myanmar. They are also in vulnerable conditions as part of a protracted humanitarian crisis taking place since the 1990s. This population has long been the victim of trafficking in persons and is dangerously exposed to the risk of smuggling of migrants.

IOM has been working with the Government of Bangladesh to combat trafficking in persons and the associated forms of exploitation since 2000. IOM jointly with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), Public Security Division implementing a project, “Addressing Trafficking and Smuggling through Improved Border Management and Counter Trafficking Response in Cox’s Bazar” to contribute to prevent trafficking in persons and its associated abuses by protecting victims, and facilitating investigations with more effective border management and law enforcement capacity and practices. As part of this project, a Rapid Victim Identification Toolkit will be developed for the identification of victims of human trafficking and smuggling in Bangladesh.

2. Nature of consultancy

The selected agency will be responsible for developing a Mobile App for the identification of victims of human trafficking and smuggling that will be used by Bangladesh Police and other law enforcement agencies. Also, it will assist the field level staff members of the NGOs to identify the victims of trafficking.

3. IOM Project to which the Services is contributing:

The title of the project in which the services contributing is “Addressing Trafficking and Smuggling through Improved Border Management and Counter Trafficking Response in Cox’s Bazar”. The following output will be achieved thorough developing the Mobile App:

Output 2.2.: Border officers have increased capacities to manage borders, as well as improved knowledge
and skills to address trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants

4. Objective:

The objective of the Rapid Victim Identification Toolkit is to develop a smartphone-based tool for Police and other law enforcement for initial identification processes of human trafficking and smuggling, and by relevant NGO field staff for referral purposes.

5. Target Population:

The rapid victim identification App will be developed for

  • Bangladesh Police.
  • Other Law enforcement (BGB, BCG etc.)
  • NGO’s working on human trafficking and smuggling issues.

6. Qualifications of the Successful Service Provider:

  • The applicants should be a technology company with a proven record of innovation in the mobile platform and application field.
  • The company should have a proven record of applications on the market in both Android and Apple OS.
  • The company should have capacity of at least 2 years maintenance (without charges) and modification capacity from the date of acceptance of the final product.
  • The company should have a team of experts that include technology experts and coders, social media experts, mobile platform innovation experts. A working knowledge of human trafficking and smuggling is an asset.
  • The team leader should have excellent relevant technology and innovations experience.

7. Deliverables:

  • Submit a detailed and effective development plan with deliverables list and strict timeline.
  • Finalization of APP design and features as per guidance from IOM.
  • Development of the design (at least 3 options to be submitted for review)
  • Quality, security and performance testing and bug fixing
  • Full implementation and delivery of the features and design of the app
  • Develop a user manual (both Bangla and English)
  • Finalization, including final quality testing and approval.

8. Timeline:

Services delivered by the service provider will take place over 8 weeks. The service provider is expected to start no later the 15 June 2020.

9. Submission of Proposal

Please mention the reference code CT/CO-160/2020/006: RFP: Rapid Victim Identification Toolkit in subject line during application. Interested persons  are invited to submit required documents by June 4, 2020, e-mail to: via below mentioned email submit following three separate pdf files (attachment size should be less than 10 MB)

  1. Technical proposal
    • It should include cover page, understanding of the assignment (Please do not copy & paste), methodology, a work-plan and team composition (annex CVs). – Max 5 pages excluding CVs
    • Previous experience in handling similar assignments (as per below mentioned format).
SL# Study Type Study Title Study Details (Summary) Study Locations Clients Year
  1. Consultant/Organization Profile: A brief summary of the firm and CV of the expert including records on past experience in similar assignments and references – Max 1 page (excluding CVs)
  2. Financial proposal listing all costs (including VAT) associated with the assignment. Firms will be responsible for any tax or VAT issues and need to submit the original bank challan copy at the time of final payment/settlement. 

Any attempt for persuasion will be considered as a disqualification.