Request for Proposal (RFP)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is looking for Advocacy and Liaison Partner/Liaison Advisor for networking support for the project on “Migration, Livelihood and Social Cohesion Strategy for Small Ethnic Groups in Bangladesh” as per below Terms of Reference (ToR):

1. Background/Context of the programme:

United Nations Migration Agency, IOM was officially established in Bangladesh in 1998. It has a country office in Dhaka, and has sub offices in Sylhet, Chittagong, Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar. IOM has been providing technical assistance to the Government of Bangladesh on myriads of issues surrounding migration management to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration. The largest intervention is in Cox Bazar, co-leading and implementing Rohingya humanitarian crisis response.

In cooperation with Government of Bangladesh (GoB) particularly, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, IOM aims to implement a project titled “Migration, Livelihood and Social Cohesion Strategy for Small Ethnic Groups in Bangladesh”. Under the framework of the project, IOM intends to conduct a comprehensive scoping study in the CHT and other small ethnic community pockets in Bangladesh to support GoB to explore the migration opportunities for the small ethnic communities. The study will be participatory in nature and will pave the pathway for a comprehensive strategy document. At every stage of the project key stakeholders such as GoB officials, representatives of small ethnic communities, CHT council members and CSOs representative working on small ethnic communities will be consulted so that the study and strategy remain grounded to the actual needs of the small ethnic communities.

Building on local expertise and experience, IOM aims to create a portfolio of programmes focusing on migration management, livelihoods and social cohesion in CHT region. This necessitates partnership with an individual or local level organization to ensure access to right stakeholders, advise on socio-economic and political landscape of CHT, etc.

2. Objectives:

The objective of the assignment will be to assist with networking, relationship building and ensuring access to stakeholders and remote locations of CHT and other ethnic community pockets of Bangladesh, for successful completion of the project activities.

3. Scope of work:

  • Facilitate local level networking for the scoping study and strategy development with all relevant actors including – Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board, Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council, Khagrachhari Hill District Council, Bandarban Hill District Council, Rangamati Hill District Council, Deputy Commissioners’ Office, etc.
  • Provide technical and networking support to the selected consultancy firm in conducting the scoping study in selected areas of Bangladesh.
  • Provide technical and networking support to the selected consultancy firm in developing strategy on labour migration and social cohesion for small ethnic communities in Bangladesh.
  • Promote IOM’s work in different meetings, seminars, workshops on issues pertaining to migration, livelihood and social cohesion of small ethnic communities in Bangladesh.
  • Provide report to IOM on bi-monthly basis summarizing latest developments on issues pertaining to migration, livelihood and social cohesion of small ethnic communities in Bangladesh and other issues of interest.
  • Identify further areas of engagement for IOM on migration, livelihood and social cohesion of small ethnic communities in Bangladesh.
  • Assist IOM in forging good relationship with relevant elected representatives, ethnic communities, government officials, NGO/CSOs based in CHT and other selected pockets of Bangladesh.
  • Assist IOM and selected consultancy firm in organizing different meetings, consultations and workshop in Dhaka, CHT and selected ethnic community pockets of Bangladesh.  

4. Duration/ Timeline:

The total duration for this assignment is proposed to be approximately 16 months. Applicants are requested to provide a detailed workplan in their technical proposal.

5. Method of Application:

Interested Organizations are invited to submit Technical and Financial Proposal separately in pdf format; email to by January 27, 2019. The attachment size should be less than 10 MB. Please mention the reference code LM/CO-883/2019/002: RFP: Advocacy and Liaison Partner for networking support for Small Ethnic Groups project in the subject line of the email.

6. Required Documents:

Consultancy Firm/Individual consultant need to submit technical and financial proposal.
Each Submission Must Include the Following:

  • Consultancy Firm/Consultant Profile: A brief summary of the organization and CV of the expert including records on past experience in similar assignments and name of the references.
  • Technical Proposal with detailed methodology, tools and work plan along with samples of previous work;
  • Financial Proposal listing all costs associated with the assignment. In particular, the financial proposal should itemize the following:
    1. Consultancy fees in local or USD currency per day;
    2. Variable costs inclusive of transportation costs, printing of study tools; research team (if applicable); meeting/FGDs/KIIs/consultation costs

7. Professional and Related Experiences: 

The proposed team from the consultancy firms or the consultants should have following competence.

  • Proven track records of advocacy and liaising with elected representative and Government officials in the three hill districts, MoCHTA and other public institutions;
  • Excellent communication, relationship management and negotiation skills;
  • Must have experience of implementing/delivering services in CHT area;
  • Solid understanding of political, social, economic, transport, logistical scenario of CHT.
  • Proficiency in English and local dialect
  • Ability to deliver according to specified timeline while maintaining quality of the output.

The Proposal should be written in English.


If you have any query, please contact with Mr. Syed Shahrear Shabab; email:


Any attempt for persuasion will be considered as a disqualification




IOM is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply.
IOM Offices and vehicles have smoke-free work environment.