Request for Proposal (RfP)

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is looking for a qualified Management Consultant or a Consultancy Firm to provide necessary management and capacity support to community enterprise for next three months from August 2019 onward to October 2019 as per below RFP:


RED Sea Food and RED CRAB as community enterprise initiated by IOM and local partner organization YPSA in Cox’s Bazar. This is one unique community based enterprise modes and provides opportunities for migrants a chance to own their business and reduce their livelihood risk.

Both the enterprises are registered as a Private Limited company and owned by the beneficiaries (total 50 in 2 enterprises). In addition to project’s investment plan, the local NGOs YPSA also invested in these enterprises. Besides providing initial capital, the project provided necessary support in engaging the beneficiaries in governance of the business. On the other hand, some of the beneficiaries were also involved in operations and management such as procurement of raw materials and in selling products. All the enterprises included at least 2 directors from the beneficiaries who were elected by the beneficiaries. The 2 directors participate in the monthly board meetings and ensures that the business operation goes according to the plan including, financial and operational planning and decision making. They also work as a bridge between individual beneficiaries and the board of directors. This helps the natural leaders gain practical expertise in planning, negotiating, demanding and finally managing a business.

All the business have gone through the inception phase after starting operation from January 2018. The local partner NGO staffs, board and business managers have started focusing on business growth after solving initial challenges such as location approval, handling local rivals, people recruitment and training. At present businesses are covering its raw materials and direct operation expenses through sales revenue; but couldn’t generate profit as per the initial business plan. Therefore this RFP is developed for hiring a management consultant who will provide necessary management and capacity support to the enterprise for next three months from August 2019 onward to October 2019.

Method of Application:

Interested Consultants are invited to submit documents stated below by August 21, 2019 through e-mail to and; mentioning the title of the RfP in the subject line.  Please keep the attachment size under 5 MB.

For any techincal queries please write to and

Required Documents:

Consultancy Firm/Individual consultant need to submit a technical and financial proposal.

Each Submission Must Include the Following:

  • Consultancy Firm/Consultant Profile: A brief summary of the organization and CV of the expert including records on past experience in similar assignments and name of the references.
  • Technical Proposal with detailed business and financial plan, tools and work plan along with samples of previous work;
  • Financial Proposal listing all break down of costs associated with the assignment. In particular, the financial proposal should itemize the following:
    1. Consultancy fees in local currency per day;
    2. Detail break down of budget and financial plan,tools for building capacity and management support.

Professional and Related Experiences:

The proposed team from the consultancy firms or the consultants should have following competence.

  • Excellent academic and professional background with at least 7 to 10 years’ experience of working directly or as a consultant with business and policy formation of company, enterprise or community enterprise;
  • Proven knowledge and experience in developing business strategy, formation of board of directors, board of advisors, HR, Finance, Procurement policies, operational procedures for new company/business/enterprise
  • Practical experience of working on initial and long term financial and marketing plan development and feasibility testing.
  • Post-graduation degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Entrepreneurship Development or Accounting.

The Proposal should be written in English.

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Any attempt for persuasion will be considered as a disqualification